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Don’ts in Animated Explainer Video Creation

Your startup or well set up business requires an explainer video? You’ve just been inspired by thousands of them you see every day on different websites. It’s coming up as the best way to boost sales and increase conversions!

But you want to know a little secret? Well, not all animated explainer videos boost and convert!! And it’s nothing to do with whether the product or service explained in it is bad, but there are some avoidable mistakes marketers make in the production process.

Never outsource the Script

It’s your product, your brand, your service, your business! Then we see no reason in asking a third party to write the script for the video. Because there’s no one who knows your business better than you. Whether it’s a high-quality video or a medium one, if the script fails the ship sinks. Surely, there must be a lot of videos you’ve seen whose message echoed with yours.

When writing a script for your animated explainer video, think about who you’re writing it for! Focus of solving the problems and concerns of your potential customers. Try to keep it short and direct, funny ( if applicable ) and see how those sales charts rise!

Research is Must

Before actually starting work on the video, it’s absolutely essential to do research so that it creates the greatest impact. By research, it means to first know the animation style that fits your needs From whiteboard animation to cartoon style to clay animation and many others to choose from.

Next ask some critical questions to your potential customers like what’s stopping them from buying your products? What’s your biggest challenge in solving their issues? etc. The answers you get is enough to make a skeleton script for the video.

There’s no Need to Convince Everyone

The biggest mistake marketers tend to make is trying to make something that everyone likes. That’s wrong because if you do that then your video lacks reach and gets nowhere! Stick to the answers you found in the research. Try building a strong online presence by focussing on fixed target audience, at least in the beginning.

Don’t get Lost on the Length of the Video

Yes, it’s always suggested to keep the length of the explainer video short. But there’s absolutely no hard and fast rule that longer video doesn’t work. Try sticking to the 1-minute general mark. But sometimes a longer duration video may be appropriate to the content of the explainer video.

Don’t Hide the Video

A common mistake made by small businesses is placing their explainer video on their “about us” page rather than on the homepage. Videos are overviews of your company and they should be placed somewhere where it has the maximum potential to be viewed. This really improves the chances of conversions. And homepage being the most visited page of a website, that’s exactly where the video should be placed.

Focusing too much on Animation kills it

A well-made video heavily laden in animation but void of context fails to engage potential customers with no increase in sales rates. Animation should be used to bring out the script and not the other way round.

You’ve probably read a lot of articles that guides you the things you should to be make great animated explainer videos. Well, we listed for you few things you should avoid to create likewise great explainers. Hope it helps you in future explainer video creations.