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Hiring a professional animated explainer videos company

Video is the driving force that connects the audience with brands. Be a startup, mid-level organization, government organization, or an MNC- with video, you can communicate the brand value quickly and effectively. A professional animated explainer videos company helps in creating engaging animated videos crafted with thoughtful messaging and striking visuals.

Why hire an animated explainer video company?

Technology may have made things easier but audiences’ expectations have also grown immensely. They want best animated explainer videos in storytelling format with compelling visuals. Here, the quality of video matters that most. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why to hire an animated explainer video company:

Animated explainer videos company brings experience to the table

A professional 2D animation company has the knowledge, expertise, and skilled force to transform your brand’s story into a compelling and engaging video. An animated video that is not only captivating but also connects with your audience. With the right skills and team of animators, they help businesses to meet their growth goals. The right explainer video company knows what will work best with the industry, audience, and niche

Gives your brand a fresh perspective

Explainer video production companies have a keen and trained expertise to give your brand and ideas an original spin. Be it an explainer video, product video, whiteboard animation, or a live shoot- the animation agency can help with all kinds of videos. An animated explainer videos company comes with the advantage of having an outside perspective. They start afresh and learn everything about your product or service first. This is to have a deep understanding of your business and its audience so that video messaging can cater to them accurately.

Hiring an animated explainer videos company saves times

Having a high-quality animated video is challenging. It is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of work, analysis, and other steps in the making. From understanding the concept, writing the script, to video editing and everything else in between. So if you take the brunt of the work or you delegate it to the team, it will consume a lot of time away from your everyday activities. Due to which you will probably neglect your business. By hiring a professional animated explainer videos company, they will be in charge of the entire video production process. This will avoid overtime work and will save time.

Video marketing and its benefits

The importance of video marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. So that that the videos have dominated the digital landscape by becoming a very important asset in the business marketing portfolio. So if you don’t have a brand video and if you are not using it on any platform or social communications channel, you are definitely falling in the race.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing for business is about using an animated explainer video to promote, position and brand your product or services effectively. It helps in reaching out to the target audience and educating customers. Including a 2D animated video in your marketing strategy can help in increasing engagement and boosting conversions.
For that, it is important to use best animated explainer videos strategically and creatively. Focus on the medium based on your messaging and marketing goals. There are different kinds of animated videos that serve a different purpose. Therefore, it is essential to understand the purpose and message that you want to convey before to go with the type of animated video. Although an animated video created by animated explainer videos company plays an important role it should work in tandem with your overall marketing plan.

Benefits of video strategy

As per statistics and reading, video content has more retention than text. Hence, including a 2D animated video in your marketing strategy needs to be a top priority. Here is a list of the benefits of video marketing:

  • Boosts engagement

In this fast-paced world, it is hard to grab the audience’s attention. However, adding the best animated explainer videos can bring a captivating spin to your video marketing strategy. Whether you want to talk about your product and its features, educate your audience, or share your brand’s vision and mission- an animated explainer video with a well-defined story and visuals can explain it all. It helps in grabbing the audience’s attention and hooks them till the end.  

  • Build credibility and trust

With a narrative that appeals to the emotions and resonate with your target audience, you can connect in a more personal way to them. This will bring a human touch to your brand, build credibility and foster trust.

  • Improves conversions and drive sales

Developing engaging and best animated explainer videos drive engagement, builds consumer trust, and helps in boosting conversions and ROI. According to HubSpot, including a video on a landing page helps in increasing conversion rates by 80%. In fact, people are more likely to buy a product or service when they see a video explaining the same.

Best software for animated explainer videos

As per statistics, 85 percent of people watch videos at least once a month. And 54 percent of people think brands should have more video content on the internet. Here is some best software for animated explainer videos:


Animaker is the best animated explainer video software that is free. It has an easy-to- drag and easy-to-drop functionality along with an intuitive interface to match. With Animaker you can make 2D animated videos, Infographics video, Handcraft, Whiteboard animation, 2.5D, and Typography. The videos can be made in both horizontal and vertical layouts. From pre-made graphics, you can create videos in full HD version in no time. The audio features in the software include text-to-speech. With this, you can add background music and sound effects and voiceover to your animation video. You can even pick music from Animaker’s library or even upload your own tunes. If you pay for the pro version, you unlock even more amazing features.


Blender is a free comprehensive and best animated explainer maker for video editors and video creators. From modelling to rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, and motion tracking, video editing, and 2D animation pipeline- The open-source 3D animation tool supports all.   


K-3D is an advanced 3D animation software that specializes in polygonal modelling. It is free software that represents object surfaces using polygons. The software combines plugins with a visualization pipeline architecture made especially for the artists. One of the best features includes easy undo/redo functionality. This helps to quickly fix any error.


Moovly is known as the best animated explainer video software that is cloud-based. To make a video you don’t need to download or install any software. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection to create great animations in no time. With Moovly you are not limited to a few styles, you can create videos with multiple styles. With over 1 million media assets in the library, you can add stock videos, motion graphics, music, sound effects, infographics, illustrations, and other things in the video. The software is absolutely free. Just sign up for free and start creating your animated video.


PowToon is similar to Moovly. Powtoon has a free license, a pro license and a business license. The styles available at PowToon are limited- mainly cartoon based. The distinguishing feature of PowToon is that it gives an option to choose between presentation mode and animation mode.


Vyond formerly known as GoAnimate is a cloud-based platform committed to creating cartoons. Vyond’s distinguishing feature is that you can add lip-sync to your chosen character by adding a voice recording or by simply importing your audio file. Vyond gives a 14-day premium trial for you to try the software tool.


Wideo is one of the best animated explainer maker with user-friendly content on it. Not just animated videos, you can even create presentations on this platform. Wideo offers a wide range of pre-animated templates with which you can create free animations of up to 30 seconds long. To create longer animations, you will have to upgrade to a paid license.


Voki is an animation tool with which you can create animations focused on education. Unlike other video animation tools, you cannot create animations from scratch here. You can rather create customized avatars and add voiceovers to them.


Explee is a video animation took that focuses on whiteboard animation. The tool is simple and helps to create engaging animated videos and video presentations. Explee is best animated explainer video software for animators who are looking for quality and professional-looking animations in less time.

What makes a compelling animated explainer video?

An animated video for a business that pleases your audience and makes them want to buy your product can be a tricky task. However, in this article, we’ve made sure that all your questions are answered so that you can have compelling and best animated explainer videos to drive engagement. Let’s look at how to make an animated explainer video:

Identify your target market 

Before starting work on an animated explainer video, it is extremely important to get some clarity. Get a stronghold of your ideas and make sure they’re all to the point. Get rid of all the marketing and branding excess and straight away showcase the solutions so that the audience has a clear idea about the benefits they’ll receive after their purchase. 

Chalk out a compelling story 

Once you’re done with the market identification, it’s time to write a story that’s specific and to the point. There’s no point stuffing the story with details because an animated explainer video needs to be quick. The details can come when your potential customer shows interest in your product. Don’t be afraid to use witty one-liners and humour. Animated explainer video companies advise businesses to not overstuff their videos with technicalities if they want to see a rise in engagement levels. 

Incorporating the correct items sequentially

The best animated explainer videos should have all the correct elements in the correct sequence. 

  • Always begin the video with the hook. It can be a catchy phrase or a question that can grab the viewer’s attention and retain his interest. 
  • Make your brand relatable. Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes and see what they would want. 
  • Outline the problem and the emotions that come with it- anger, frustration, etc. 
  • Transition into how your brand provides an option to fix their problems for good. 
  • After this showcase the solution. Show your audience how it works what it does and most importantly tells them how it is going to improve their lives. This process will make them feel understood and valuable. 
  • Always remember to incorporate a call to action in the last part of the video. Showcase your social media pages, website and other items through which the audience can get in touch with you and review your work. 
  • You can also insert your organization tagline and logo to make sure they remember your video. 

Custom animated characters 

Most animated explainer videos are customised to serve the interests of the audience. This not only drives the video home but also gives a very strong identification element for the customers to relate to your video and give them a sense of hope that someone is listening to their dilemma. 

Ready to share your story with the world? A video animation company can help. 

Short animation videos are compelling devices that can easily explain products, services and concepts by breaking them down into attractive and simple motion visuals. A video animation company allows this to happen by sharing your ideas in a comprehensive format to cater to short attention spans and eyes that are only looking for flashy content and images. Let’s look at how to make an animated explainer video and step-by-step formula as to how they do it. 

Research and briefing

First, comes the research and brief part. Every marketing video starts with a conversation where an idea is formulated. The team of researchers in an animated explainer videos company try to understand as much as possible about your product, issues and the way forward. This research process also evaluates the current market scenario to figure out the best possible method for you to put out the right message in the best possible way for your brand. 

Content creation 

The script is crucial because before even a single image is used in the explainer video the concept has to be planned. The video production team nails out the concept in a team after getting a brief from the client. The key is to always present the message in a simple yet comprehensive manner to the target audience.

Storyboard and mood board 

Most animated explainer video companies will send you several mood boards to pick your choice from. It consists of a collage consisting of several images that highlight a particular concept or style. Once the mood board is selected, a storyboard is made that shows how the story will play out in every shot. 

Illustrations and overall style 

After this, the animation agency sends the client a couple of custom, colourful visuals that will give them an idea about how the finished product will look like when they’re done with it. Depending on what the client chooses, this can include characters, voice-over, text, icons and background. After this is completed, the complete story with the final visuals is made for the animated explainer video. 

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Once the storyboard and script are done and dusted with, it’s time to put the plot to play. The motion graphics and animation phase involve building up necessary imagery to go with the message. This phase requires great attention to detail so that the visuals reflect the initial concept from the pre-production stage. The voiceover’s gender is also decided in this stage.

Post-production and changes 

This is the last stage where the video is given its final look. This stage involves editing, creating, sound mixing, applying the background music and graphics. Once the video is done, it’s sent for revisions and feedback to the client.