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Your Ultimate Guide for Video Marketing Strategies

Videos are dominating the digital media as the format has become easier to grasp for most people. About 60% of people are visual learners, so using a captivating visual medium like videos is the best bet to increase your brand awareness. Besides, if businesses aren’t jumping on this bandwagon and creating videos to communicate with their target audience, then they are falling behind. 

By now you realise the importance of having videos as part of your marketing portfolio. But how do you go about creating videos without having a strategy behind it? You can’t simply make videos for the sake of it. Each video you make should have a goal and a purpose. You won’t invest money in making a video by hiring a video production agency in India without having a solid plan. But if you are doing this for the first time, then this could be a bit overwhelming, so we have made the ultimate guide for you to figure out a video marketing strategy that works best for your business. 

What is video marketing | Video production agency India

Video marketing is essentially using video as the medium to promote your products and services more effectively. Video marketing plays a significant role in engaging the audience, educating them and finally in boosting conversions. The power they possess can be harnessed by using them in a creative and strategic way. When used right, it becomes a tool that can help you accomplish your marketing goals and deliver your messages more effectively. So make sure that the video content you plan on creating is intertwined with the rest of your marketing plans for the best possible results.

The reason video marketing has become so important is because of its rising popularity in the digital age. Most communicative platforms have introduced a video-first policy because it is so easy to consume and keeps the users engaged for a longer period of time. Utilising this phenomenon can do wonders for your business as it has the potential to reach a varied range of customers who would otherwise not come across your brand. Many corporate video production company provide marketing services as part of their portfolio.

How to form a video marketing strategy

Here is a list of steps that will guide you in creating an effective marketing strategy. 

What is your competitor doing?

Learn what your competitors are doing first. Analysing how they market their products and how they interact with their audience using videos can help you identify new market trends. See what they are doing on different platforms, from social media to websites and official channels, analyse how they are using videos to deliver their message. This step will help you identify the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in their strategy, thus enabling you to tweak your strategy accordingly. 

What are the goals you want to achieve with the video?

This is the most important step to follow before hiring a video production company to create your videos. In this step, you need to outline your video goals. For example, your videos can be a part of one of the three marketing funnels. It could be to create brand “awareness” where you attract new customers, or to show your brand capable of “consideration” for a solution, by engaging your audience or finally the “decision” where you nurture your prospects and nudge them towards the purchase. When you hire animated video production companies in India, the first thing they ask you is what you want to achieve with your video. This helps them move forward with greater understanding of your business goals.

Who is your target audience?

When you decide what stage of the marketing funnel you want to target, you can move onto deciding your target audience. Who are the people who are most likely to use your products? Targeting the right audience is important to get good conversion rates. You can use some of these questions to figure out your audience. “Who is your product made for? What do you want your video to achieve? (comes under the 3 stages) And where do your potential customers spend most of their time?” This will not only help you determine your audience but also how to reach them.

What is the story you want to tell?

Having a story is a great way to keep the audience engaged, but figuring out the story you want to tell can be a bit hard. You can use the following four elements to build your story and give your video a lot of personality.
Protagonist – The main character of your story. This character should likely represent your target demographic.
Conflict – This is the problem that your character faces.
Quest – This is the search for a solution. You can introduce your products or services in this segment.
Resolution – Finally, you show how your product solves the problem.
These elements will help the viewers relate and engage better with the video. Most video agency in India provide scriptwriting as part of their services to help you. So hire one that suits your needs.

Determine any creative dependencies

Creative dependencies involve the different stages of approval you might have to get before the video is executed. From scriptwriting, to determining the style of video, there are a lot of creative dependencies, so set a timeline accordingly. A video production company in Bangalore provides you firsthand with all the steps that are involved in making a video so you can plan better.

Set a timeline and a budget

When you hire a video production agency in Mumbai, they will tell you the timeline it takes to create a video. From getting the creative story to the final post production, along with any additional iterations that might occur depending on your feedback. Keeping their timeline in mind you can also determine how long the whole process from hiring someone to distributing the videos will take. Strictly sticking to the timeline can be helpful for your team members and the same goes for the budget. Have a realistic budget that you can stick to. Only do the things with what’s at your disposal. Maybe you can save on certain factors so you can splurge on others that require more attention.


In order to create a video that benefits your company, you need to have a video marketing strategy. With the tips mentioned above we hope you could create the basic framework that will help you make an impactful video that drives engagement and increases conversion rates. Once you have your marketing strategy planned, you can hire any video production agency in India to execute your plan to its full potential.