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How 2D animation company helps with animated videos to pitch your services

Video marketing has now become a major trend. In relation to other forms of content, user engagement with video material is higher. This is because, with mobile devices and faster internet, videos are more accessible and even easier to produce. The question that arises is how can you best use video for your brand and how a 2D animation company can help? An explainer video is one of the best ways through which new users can get a run-down of what your products and services are, and how they work, within a span of a few minutes.

The practicality of video

The question that arises is why aren’t more businesses using explainer videos and video marketing? Historically, producing a video has been expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, businesses remain straightforward and rather, resort to cheaper methods. However, recently, with technological resources becoming more available and sophisticated, explainer video production is becoming affordable. You can either contact the best 2D animation company for fairly cheaper.

Why a video by 2D animation explainer video company so effective?

  • They are concise

Explainer videos are concise. Since they are generally only a few minutes long, customers or viewers won’t bail out early. Writing in such a concise format comes with its own challenges. But the result is a message that is short enough to really bring out your message.

  • They show a problem and a solution

Because an animated video is a linear progression, you can easily show a complete timeline, starting from a problem to solution. Illustrating your products or services in order to solve the clients’ problems is very important. Besides, writing content for the same does not have the same effect.

  • You can get creative

The best animated explainer videos are the ones where you get creative. You can include humour and even include innovative animation features. You can also include music in the background.

  • They can be used anywhere

Explainer videos can be used anywhere in a number of different contexts. Since they are short and universal, they can be used as a feature of your landing page. They can also be embedded in the homepage of your site or incorporated in the slideshow presentation.

  • They are an approachable medium

Explainer videos can act as a learnable medium for marketers as they are quite approachable. You do not necessarily require years and money to learn to make them. This is why almost 65 percent of marketers plan to increase their video marketing budgets.

  • They are useful for new and old customers alike

Apart from the new audiences, animated explainer videos can also be useful for established customers as well. The explainer video can act as a tutorial for your products, especially if they have a learning curve. As Savannah Stewart says, “many of us have become more comfortable learning visually. Delivering information on a product, service or company through video can help to keep your audience’s attention longer and make what you have to say more easily understood.”

  • They are adaptable

Since they are short and relatively easy to edit, you can always switch elements. For example, you can add a few seconds to promote your new feature. You can also experiment with different elements or sound in your explainer video.

  • You can show your brand personality

Through the video, you can make the personality of your brand the real hero. You can include the visual styles that best describe your brand, and even choose a narrator accordingly. In fact, more than a third of all video marketing budgets are directed towards branded videos.

  • You can show off the benefits first-hand

Through a brief demonstration of your product or a walkthrough of software, you can show the benefits of your product. This is possible because of the visual and running nature of the video. This helps in showing people what they are buying and even puts off their doubts.

  • You have a chance to prove your worth

Through explainer videos, you can also prove the value of your brand. This can be done through visually represented statistics and video testimonials. You can also mention the client work of some big brands you have worked with.

How 2-D animation is changing the face of marketing

You might have often stopped and compared the way brands market their products before video-ads and 2D animation became common. Some of the most common strategies included billboard advertisement, flyers and posters, and door-to-door marketing. They were some of the best ways through which marketers gained visibility among the target audience. But the main problem that surrounded these strategies was that the marketers could not specify a target audience.

Back then, marketing was extremely reliant on quantity. Marketers always tried to push the product’s marketing collateral in places where there was maximum footfall.

In a world where social media has penetrated the lives of the majority of the audience, 2D animation brought a change. Brands now came up with new strategies, channels and even a target audience. All this became possible with video ads and 2D animation. For entrepreneurs, 2D animation has become a powerful tool to reach out to the customer and grow their business.

We will now be focusing on how the philosophy surrounding 2D animations have changed. We will also look at modern platforms that are being leveraged and how 2D animated videos became a way for businesses to expand their target audience.


While looking at the marketing strategies in the pre-video and 2D animation era, a special focus on technical specifications can be observed. With 2D animation, the main philosophies behind ads became more story-oriented. Video ads helped the marketers to show the value of their product and its real-life benefits. They also showed how to use their products, when to use them, and why to use them. A motion graphics video is a perfect example of story-oriented marketing. Through this, the users are able to resonate more personally with the product in the video.

Through 2D animation, the focus has now shifted to relatability, rather than just technical specifications. It provides usability benefits to an individual user. It promises convenience, which means that the company is selling more than just a product. In fact, they are selling the experience along with the comfort that their product brings to the life of its consumer.

Social Media Animation (unlocking a new target audience)

In the last decade, social media has become a marketing giant. The projected number of people using social media platforms as of 2019 was estimated to be 3.5 billion. Social media is a global village through which brands reach their target audience. It offers unlimited marketing potential. When businesses started to use social media, the most common technique was to combine a text-heavy post with minimal design. This way, the target audience receives the most information.

But eventually, they realized that most of the people engaged very casually with social media. This means that they are less likely to read through text-heavy posts about their products and services. This is where 2D animation and video marketing came into being. Since 2D animation is dynamic, it engages and adds an entertainment factor along with the visual and audio elements. This helps in increasing user engagement. The audience on social media generally looks to be entertained and have a good time. With video marketing, brands decided to bring that feeling through their advertisements.

For example- music in the background of your 2D animation makes it fun without the user getting bombarded with information. For casual social-media users, it is easier to engage with videos and animations, rather than a long post explaining the product.

According to Oberlo, 2D animation and videos have helped the brands to increase their traffic by 157%. They have also helped the businesses to generate 66% more qualified leads per year. 2D animation-based marketing is now helping brands to achieve their goals. This is because almost 72% of customers prefer to learn more about products through videos. As a result of this, there is an increased engagement and much more qualified leads are produced.

New platforms for Marketing- YouTube

Social media platforms serve as the centre of marketing in the post-2D-animation world. But out of all, one that rises above is YouTube. YouTube combines the elements of entertainment and information for its consumers. This quality of infotainment makes it a vital tool for marketers. According to the Inbound Report of HubSpot State, 48% of all marketers plan on including YouTube in their marketing strategy. YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world, with more than 1-billion users and providing accessibility in 76 languages.

The benefits of making YouTube a modern marketing platform and an asset for brands is as follows:

  • It improves your brand’s overall presence significantly.
  • YouTube can also improve your Search Engine Optimization.
  • YouTube’s content is easy for users to share and consume.

An unlimited number of videos can be found from brands that leverage YouTube as a marketing platform. These brands provide unique content to their target audience. But the most important benefit from the business perspective is Search Engine Optimization. Videos are now helping the brands to improve their ranking on SERP. This is because they are human friendly and something that Google appreciates.

2D animated videos on YouTube also gives the brand advantage of gaining organic backlinks to their website. This helps when you have your videos embedded on your web page. This also helps in improving your SEO and increasing your brand’s authority in Google’s eyesight. But 2D animation and its effect on marketing are not just limited to improving the general SEO of your brand. Explainer videos, product demos and other different kinds of 2D animation have popular. With this popularity, a new branch of SEO has risen, which is known as YouTube Search Engine Optimization. Creating backlinks with YouTube specific strategies, optimizing the metadata of your 2D animated ads and ranking keywords on YouTube, is now revolutionizing the marketing industry.

For a marketer who is looking to include YouTube SEO for their company, it is important to understand how YouTube works. As a platform, YouTube is helping brands to reach out to their target audience. It proves to be a reliable platform as it is more efficient and helps marketing teams in implementing new strategies. This helps in increasing engagement and ROI.

Businesses are using YouTube as a medium to explain their brand effectively and in a succinct way. In today’s time, with globalization, 2D animation has become extremely popular. Therefore, brands are evolving their marketing strategies accordingly so that they can make the most out of their investment.


Traditional marketing strategies have now become obsolete. That does not necessarily mean that they are unable to bring benefits to businesses anymore. What it means is, that a 2D animation production company is now stepping in to help brands in implementing modern marketing techniques. These techniques help to get better and faster results than conventional marketing.

It is helping the brands to attract a larger engagement, improving their SEO, generating a lot better leads, and also improving their visibility across platforms. A 2D animation production company undertakes these improvements across modern platforms in a way that suits the modern consumer. Reach out to 2D animation company in Delhi NCR to get a video for your business.