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A Complete Guide on Infographic Videos

Presenting valuable information is an essential part of creating any type of content. Be it a pitch or a marketing campaign, data can be the make-or-break point. But data can also be mind-numbing. In most cases, your audience will fail to understand what your data represents. So how do you translate your boring data into something meaningful and engaging for your audience? Infographics! 

Infographics are a great tool to present your data concisely in appealing graphics. With their engaging visuals, they are effective in conveying information in just a glimpse. But, when there is just too much information, even infographics can fall short. Here, let’s take what infographics do best and combine it in a video format to create a medium that is more effective, both in conveying information and in engaging a larger audience. Thus, creating infographic videos.

In this article, we will discuss everything about infographic videos and how you can use them to deliver information effectively. You can avail infographic video services from any 2D animation company in India.

The power of infographics and infographic videos | 2D animation company in India

Around 65% of people are visual learners, which means that they can process and recollect visuals far better than any text they read. This gives both static infographics and video infographics the capability to reach a wider audience and relay information more effectively.

A key advantage of infographics is that it can simplify complex concepts into easily understandable graphics. They provide information that is faster and easier to digest for the audience. This is especially useful in the current age where everyone has a short attention span. 

What are infographic videos and their different types?

Infographic videos are animated videos that present complex information in visually engaging graphics for easy understandability. Since videos are such an easy-to-consume medium right now, combining it with infographics can be effective in educating and informing the audience. Now let’s see the different types of infographics that you can use to best convey your idea.

  • Informational infographics – it is used to provide information on a topic or concept
  • Timeline infographics – it is used to represent events in a chronological order
  • Process infographics – it is used to analyse each step in a process
  • Geographic infographics – it is used to indicate location-based data
  • Comparison infographics – it is used to compare and contrast different elements
  • Statistical infographics – it is used to illustrate data with the help of charts and graphs
  • Resume infographics – can be used as a creative way to present your resume
  • Anatomy infographics – it is used to illustrate the structure of an organisation, different components of a product, etc.

No matter the type of infographics, a well-crafted infographic should convey the necessary information within 8-15 seconds of looking at it. Make sure your design is less cluttered with text and focuses more on appealing visuals. Hire a 2D animation company in Delhi, like PitchWorx, to get your custom-made infographic video. Aside from infographic videos, these different types of infographics can be also used in blogs, social media, presentations, reports, etc to enhance the information you want to convey.

Why infographic video?

There are many benefits of using infographic videos and we have listed out a few for you. 

  • More engaging Videos engage all the senses of a person, thus making it more interesting and memorable. 
  • Condenses heavy information – Infographic videos can shrink tons of information into a short video with attractive visuals.
  • More appealing to social media users – Animated infographic videos are eye-catching and it can attract a lot of people without sound. This is especially useful when videos autoplay and the device volume isn’t turned up.
  • Easily shareable In the present scenario, every social media platform pushes video content. Therefore, videos can be easily shared and viewed, and it creates an opportunity for more people to engage with your content.
  • Gives life to boring data With infographic videos, the representation of data becomes fun. The colourful visuals and animations give life to dull information.
  • Flexible – Infographic videos can be used for marketing campaigns, educational purposes, content creation on social media, business pitches, etc. 

Now that we have convinced you of the benefits of infographic videos, maybe you should get one made for your brand. Hire a 2D animation company in Bangalore to get an infographic video that impresses your audience. However, if you would like to get started on your own, then you can start by following the steps below.

How to make an infographic video?

  1. Research – Do your research on what information you want to present to your audience and ensure that the source from which you’ve obtained the info is credible.
  2. Have a core message you want to deliver – Having a core message is crucial to your video. Your core message is essentially what you want your audience to take away from the video. So having a strong core message will help strengthen your video.
  3. Write your script – Convey the necessary information in your script in a simple language. Make sure your infographic illustrates everything you want to convey and  represents your data well.
  4. Find an animation company – If creating an infographic video is beyond your capability, then hire a 2D animation company in Hyderabad or a 2D animation company in Pune. These companies tailor-make your video to create a maximum impact on your audience.
  5. Make sure your video is branded well – Your audience should know that the video is yours based on the branding. It could be done by using your logo at the beginning of the video and by following a colour palette.


Infographic videos are a great tool to convey a ton of dull information in an attractive format, which the audience can easily understand. They are effective in visualising complex information in easy-to-digest and captivating graphics. So use this medium to help you impress your audience rather than boring them with mind-numbing data. To create your very own infographic video, contact any 2D animation company in India and they will help you create an engaging video.