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Transform your mundane ideas into reality with the help of a video animation company

Animated explainer videos make a great marketing tool. If you have a project in the pipeline, ready to start and need it completed then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at a video animation company that will deliver a stunning product to you even if you hand over your project to them from the middle.

Yans Media 

Yans Media is an animation video production company that is renowned for its attention to detail and accuracy be it for a small budget project or a big one. They have been in the market since 2015 and have produced hundreds of videos. They bring their high-quality standards and expertise to every video. Yans knows how to deliver a successful marketing message directly and clearly to appeal to the viewers and persuade them to take the necessary action.


PitchWorx is a creative design agency and video animation company based in Delhi, India. It is known for creating animated explainer videos with a clear call to action and marketing message that appeals to the viewers and ultimately convinces them to take the desired action. You can get your animation outsourced from PitchWorx or you can rely on them to do a great job with your entire production, from creating a script and storyboard to making illustrations and animations and finally delivering a polished video. Businesses that have worked with PitchWorx describe them as an enthusiastic bunch of people who are capable of turning any vision into reality.


Tatari is a video animation company that pays attention to design in every project they do. By combining bright colours and minimalism they inspire all their viewers to be curious investigators. They focus heavily on their client’s features and the benefits their company offers, to drive the animated explainer video home. The quality of their videos, along with the sound design and composition is top-notch.


Motionstory is an animation video production company that’s been churning out creatives since 2014. They offer all kinds of animation, 2D and 3D and can start handling your project from any point you’ve left it at, be it at the character design stage or the illustration stage. Motionstory has a lot of experience with TV commercials and animated explainer videos.  The team is great at communication and is quick and responsive. A recent project called the ‘Hey You App’ by MotionStory stands testimonial as to how they build a video around a message to explain the core idea to the viewer in a short span of time.

75 seconds 

75 seconds is based out of India. It is an explainer video animation company with offices in Europe, the USA and UAE. Known as one of the top explainer video companies, they do everything from writing the concept story to delivering the final product that too at a fixed price and at the given deadline.

Video factory

This is an explainer video animation company that has its offices in both Kolkata and Bangalore. Video factory has a team of 25+ graphic design experts to make your animated explainer videos are amazing with unique ideas and creative content. They make sure that each video they design is going to be worth the viewer’s time.

Armaan Productions 

This is the video & animation production company that provides you with worth right from the pre-production to the post-production stage, tracking the success rate and progress of the video. They’ve worked with a number of clients in their past and each video they create is impactful.


Explainers is a 3d and 2d animation company that makes videos as per the client’s requirements. They have a strong portfolio to support their claims. They’ve worked with Coca-Cola, Tech Mahindra, Spice Jet amongst others. Not only are they customer-centric but are also very experienced. 

Explainer videomakers 

The name is self-explanatory, this company does everything in the world of animated explainer videos, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to animation and voiceover. They have worked with clients like McDonald’s, Walmart and Hike messenger amongst other companies. Their goal is to help businesses grow in a creative way.


Motiongility is a top animation explainer video company in India, handling everything from scriptwriting to editing and then handing over the deliverables. They provide world classes services to make sure that the video can bring more traffic to your website.


Webdew is essentially a digital marketing agency that deals in explainer video production. They’re known for making and also setting up the given animated video creation services at the pre-decided landing page so that most of the client’s requirements are looked after, from start to finish.

Why are business explainer videos becoming so important these days?

For most marketing experts, one of the major steps involved in a successful marketing campaign is attracting their target audience and converting them into loyal customers. To achieve this goal, a lot of companies are looking at business explainer videos for marketing purposes. Let’s learn why explainer videos are becoming so important these days and how a video animation company helps.

Increased sales lead to improved profits 

Explainer videos work wonders in improving the conversion rates of any website and at the end of the day, the more the number of people who comes to the website, understand what the company is all about and purchase their products and services, higher is the profit margin of the company. 

Higher click-through rates 

A video animation services online should explain the subject at hand in very simple terms and it should also incorporate a call to action that gives a link to purchase the product. This is a very effective way to improve click-through rates. Any viewer that comes to the webpage through the click-through method is someone who is a serious buyer and is looking at your product, in all possibility, to compare it with the competitors.

Easy to promote 

Explainer video production company are churning out business explainer videos at a very high rate. This is because videos have become a very important part of online marketing. Video messages have a retentive value, thus making them easy to remember. In the long run, it ensures that the message you promote in your video is longer lasting and far more effective than a simple blog post or article. 

They improve search results

Everything attached to a business explainer video is better.  After numerous researches on various marketing techniques, it has been concluded that if you integrate videos in your website then the search results for that particular website increases tenfold. Animated explainer video studio has found out that sending emails with a video attachment makes it significantly more clickable than an email without any attachment.  A business explainer video can also go viral and that, in turn, will increase the weightage of the video hosting website. 

Using YouTube for brand promotion 

The second biggest search engine is YouTube and every business has the option of using the far reach of this search engine to spread its message to the target audience. By uploading your business explainer videos on YouTube you will see that both the traffic and the conversion rate will increase significantly. Have a clickable link attached to your YouTube video that will redirect the viewer to your website landing page/home page. The best part is that any post on YouTube is actually looked upon very favourably by Google for ranking purposes. 

How animated explainer videos work for business

With digital media, consuming videos has become more like a lifestyle than a necessity. People do it unconsciously and it showcases how powerful the medium is. It allows people to connect with each other and share things. Today, animated videos are being used increasingly to pitch ideas, connect to prospects to increase sales and boost business. Learn how animated explainer videos work for business.

The start-up culture 

Everywhere around the world, the start-up culture is being promoted to produce fine young entrepreneurs. However, every start-up is small scale and requires funding from big investors to boost their business to the required scale. The truth is that getting a big investment from angel investors is not easy. It is very important for you to have a quality product that will actually change the norm. Animated explainer video companies make sure that your quality product reaches your target audience, investors and clientele in an optimised manner so that they’re educated about your concept and you can boost sales and ultimately expand your business. 

What are animated explainer videos?

To get investors interested, a company needs a strong marketing and advertising strategy and a part of that strategy is the use of explainer videos. An animated explainer video is essentially a short video that helps the audience understand the concept of the company and it also helps to promote its products and services. Explainer videos last from anywhere between 90 to 150 seconds and talk about the most important services of the company in an interesting way to engage the audience. They erase doubts, clarify concepts and build brand value along with a sense of connection. 

They increase your conversion rates substantially

Once you have your investors on board it’s time to get new customers. Studies reveal that with effective and efficient animated explainer videos, the company sales can increase up to 60% which is a big deal. A survey by Video Rascal revealed that around 85% of people are more likely to buy your product/service if they see it accompanied by an explainer video. 

Views account for numbers 

Animated explainer videos help start-ups to keep a tally of how many visitors on their site could become actual customers. Most start-ups manually count sales to understand which item they’re selling is popular, however, explainer videos automatically keep a track of what item interests a viewer by showcasing the number of views each video has so you can understand what is more in demand.

What makes a compelling animated explainer video?

A company intro video animation for a business that pleases your audience and makes them want to buy your product can be a tricky task. However, in this article, we’ve made sure that all your questions are answered so that you can have a compelling animated explainer video to drive engagement. Let’s look at a few tips.

Identify your target market 

Before starting work on an animated explainer video, it is extremely important to get some clarity. Get a stronghold of your ideas and make sure they’re all to the point. Get rid of all the marketing and branding excess and straight away showcase the solutions so that the audience has a clear idea about the benefits they’ll receive after their purchase. 

Chalk out a compelling story 

Once you’re done with the market identification, it’s time to write a story that’s specific and to the point. There’s no point stuffing the story with details because an animated explainer video needs to be quick. The details can come when your potential customer shows interest in your product. Don’t be afraid to use witty one-liners and humour. Animated explainer video companies advise businesses to not overstuff their videos with technicalities if they want to see a rise in engagement levels. 

Incorporating the correct items sequentially

An animated video should have all the correct elements in the correct sequence. 

  • Always begin the video with the hook. It can be a catchy phrase or a question that can grab the viewer’s attention and retain his interest. 
  • Make your brand relatable. Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes and see what they would want. 
  • Outline the problem and the emotions that come with it- anger, frustration, etc. 
  • Transition into how your brand provides an option to fix their problems for good. 
  • After this showcase the solution. Show your audience how it works what it does and most importantly tells them how it is going to improve their lives. This process will make them feel understood and valuable. 
  • Always remember to incorporate a call to action in the last part of the video. Showcase your social media pages, website and other items through which the audience can get in touch with you and review your work. 
  • You can also insert your organization tagline and logo to make sure they remember your video. 

Custom animated characters 

Most animated explainer videos are customised to serve the interests of the audience. This not only drives the video home but also gives a very strong identification element for the customers to relate to your video and give them a sense of hope that someone is listening to their dilemma.

Learn about the different types of explainer videos 

Explainer videos are especially loved by marketers because consumers find them very easy to understand. Bring an animated explainer video company on board and outsource the task of creating the video. The best part about a video animation company is that it makes professional explainer videos for both large and small businesses. Let’s take a look at some of them.

2D character animation 

2D character animation videos take less money and time which is why companies with low budgets can afford it. In a 2D character animation explainer video, everything from the characters, storyboard and background is put together in a 2-dimensional environment.

The 2D infographics animation 

An infographics video has beautiful visual effects showcased through both texts and images. Most people recognize a 2D infographics video as a motion graphics animation. A motion graphics animated explainer video works wonders if you have technical products at hand and you want to explain your offerings to your audience in layman terms. Infographics animation has the ability to retain the viewer’s interest by looking dynamic and colourful.

Whiteboard animation 

A whiteboard explainer video is made by sequentially creating images on a whiteboard. The main requirement is to have a drawing hand in a whiteboard explainer video. The concept of someone drawing and explaining is very appealing for a viewer because that way they feel like they’re given special attention and are understanding important concepts.

2.5 D animation videos 

This video is a 2D video in a 3D environment. This effect is achieved with the help of layering objects so that when the viewer sees it, it looks like the cut-outs given are moving in a 3D environment even when all the elements are designed in a 2D environment. This is a great option for startups because it doesn’t add up the hassle and expense of a 3D video and has all the advantages of a motion graphics video.

Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography is a very smart explainer video technique. It is an all-time favourite of a number of explainer video production companies because it allows them the creative liberty to play with words and objects. The font and the overall style of the video do the job of explaining the video concept. However, a hard-hitting script, a good storyboard, font and format are required to make an impactful Kinetic typography video.

Screencast explainer video 

These kinds of videos are mostly used to showcase computer software or any heavy technical items to the audience. Screencast explainer videos are effective because they allow narration for the audience to follow the tasks that are being performed on the screen. The budget for a screencast video is comparatively lower than all the videos mentioned above.