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How to make animated videos

Animated videos don’t have actors, set and stages therefore creating animated videos may seem to be a challenging task. The only challenging part is just converting your message into a short and simple story.

Animated videos are easy to make using online tools and ready designed templates. You, therefore, don’t need to hire professional cartoon makers since making animated videos is very simple it just needs you to follow the right steps.

Some business operations are enjoying the benefits of using animated explainer videos to boost their profits and animated corporate videos to enhance their communication with the customers and employees. You can use the idea on how they are creating animated videos to make your animated videos.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are mostly illustrated in animation form. Explainer videos are used to explain in a short, brief and straightforward manner what you have.  Just as mentioned earlier, you just need to follow the right steps to have this going.

Explainer videos use the following steps:

Write a killer script – you have to write a script that explains in brief what your animated video will be about. It should trigger your audience’s attention.

Choose your animation style – the style should fit what your animated video is about. There are four types of animation styles; infographic style, video blocks, doodle maker style and clan graphics style.

Create your animation – in explainer videos, having less information is better since you only need to make your information memorable.

Record your voice

Share your explainer video

Corporate videos

Animation videos are also used in creating corporate videos which are used for communication within the company for non-advertisement purposes to pass the message to customers and employees.

In making corporate videos, these are the steps:

Create a plan – in making the plan, you should know who your audiences are. It should the brainstorm for your corporate video. You can use your message to have the brainstorming plan that you are seeking.

Scripting your video – just starting with storyboarding, it could be the easiest step in making your script. Your video script should contain what should be in the video.

Choose your style – just like animated explainer videos; you just need to identify your message and audience to know a perfect style.

Film – this is the final step. Bring it to reality.