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Corporate explainer videos has an answer to everything

Corporate explainer videos have the suitable and undistinguished ability to market a product or even software that may result in boosting your company’s sales.

Some people are too lazy to read into a full documented speech about your product therefore a short-summarized video can do the hard work for them.

Explainer videos summarize the lengthy speech in a short and straightforward manner that will even stick in their minds rather than the lengthy speech.

Depending on what you want the video for; there are different ways of using corporate explainer videos.

If you need to use the explainer video to talk about s new product in market or if you want to update the mass about a product that is already in market.

You have to choose the best style and type of explainer video that you want to make the information that you want to pass effective.

The 5 different types of videos that you can use may include:

Type of video Purpose
Benefits video Gives more information about your product/services
“How to” videos Explains specific topics in detail
Testimonial videos Live videos for credibility and trust building
Demo videos Explain deeply about products/services
FAQ videos Answers common questions

In queries about the best explainer video for industries, a business that is based on a personal brand or even a product, live videos are most suitable.

However, the main explainer video for the industry or company should combine both the live and animation video.

The best explainer video should include the following; a script, graphics, voice over, music, animation style and subtitles.

A script is the main part of the video since it pin points the burning issue of the client and tries to explain how the particular product being advertised is the solution to all the troubling issues of the client.

Graphics are chosen according to the targeted audience. It should be based on the things that they encounter in their day to day life experiences.

Voice over tone should be a reflection to what your brand is as per your website.

Just like the voice over, music should reflect your brand in order to bring out the best fit emotions from the audiences about the product.

Animation styles should be free flowing according to the seriousness of the business.

Subtitles depend on the medium of advertising; social media needs subtitle.