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Top reasons why your business needs an animated explainer video company

There is one major goal for any business that is seeking information on goods and services. That is to get quick and effective solutions to their problems. Therefore, websites have become a go-to resource platform for easy engagement between the seller and the client. But it is imperative for the website to contain certain attributes to make its impact on the global market place. A blog or a product marketing website helps the client to make prospective decisions about effective data, facts and figures. An animated explainer video is a technique that fulfils this need in a thorough way. Let’s dive in to know why your business needs an animated explainer video company.

What is an explainer video?

An animated explainer video is basically a short animated clip that helps to convey brand ideology. They first gained credence in 2007 when the workings of Twitter were explained through this. With animated explainer videos, businesses achieve a greater depth and scope than mere ordinary writing. They get their visual and auditory perceptions combined and presents the client with a more comprehensive picture of their product or service. The following reasons show you why one requires this effective marketing technique of animated explainer videos for businesses:

Videos increases visibility in search

In the Communications and IT sector, data is the next big thing. Companies are looking to drive an audience in data streaming and downloading, with the purpose of leisure and business. Statistics show that emails have a better click-through-rate of 96% when they have animated videos attached to them. This shows that your website can increase its visibility by embedding videos and other forms of media. A 2D animation explainer video company can help you with an engaging video.

Videos are more memorable

By engaging both the sensory and auditory senses, explainer videos help in retaining the audience’s memory for a longer-term. Therefore, your product or service will gain space in the mind of prospective clients and current customers. This will, in turn, lead to your product or service’s continuous patronage.

Videos can amplify your brand

The core functionality of an animated explainer video is to filter wide-ranging, complex ideas and present them in a friendly way. This helps the audience to better understand the company’s products and services. In short, an explainer video animation company helps in creating brand awareness. This, in turn, helps in increasing the brand’s value and propositions.

Your website gets an SEO boost

Videos of any kind help in increasing the brand’s online presence. Through 2d animated videos, you can entertain your audience, while being respectful of their time. After all, a video generates more user attention than a written text. Moreover, a video that gets recognized on social media platforms generates a higher click-through-rate. Therefore, a targeted, well-structured video on your website will surely improve the search engine rankings.

People don’t read anymore

Multimedia streaming is rising over the years and is centred on the videos that people view. With reasons like fatigue, lack of time, etc. people are not interested in reading. Therefore, in order to achieve a greater visibility, best animated explainer video companies help you with an animated explainer video.

Videos improve customer engagement

Videos have an inherent ability to attract the audience of your target market. With multimedia streaming becoming the new norm, texts and books are no longer ideal for engaging prospective clients. A well-curated explainer video by a 2D animation explainer video company helps to draw attention to your website. As a result of this, it gives your brand better visibility.

Videos boost conversion and sales

In order to achieve high conversion rates and increased sales, a concise video can be created that helps in addressing a specific need an authentic customer can be brought up who talks about your services testimonials from satisfied users can also be included through these ways, visitors can easily engage with your content and help in converting your sales.

Videos build mutual understanding

Mutual understanding is one of the most indispensable components in all business relationships. It is important that your service meets the demand of the customer. Also, your target audience should also be comfortable to do business with you. An explainer video animation company can help with a 2D animated video that will engage both the auditory and visual senses of the audience. This will, in turn, help the clients to be able to reach a decision.

Video appeals to mobile users

The popularity and dependence on smartphones are growing exponentially. A high percentage of mobile phone users belong to the youth demographic. Millennials are more inclined towards short mobile videos than longer content. With an animated explainer video on your blog or website, the chances of viewers increase.

Google loves videos

Google has algorithms and formulas through which it ranks websites and pages. It has been discovered and noted that information shared through videos, draw more traffic. Well-structured and straight-to-the-point videos garner enormous traffic. Through these lead conversions and clicks, Google earns huge revenues. That’s why, explainer videos work best for this platform. The best-animated explainer video companies can help you create an engaging video with visually compelling visuals.

Videos increase social shares

Through a good video, one can keep itself informed as well as entertained. A good video’s recollections can also create an after-effect of resharing it. Your animated explainer video must aim to create similar results. The video should be concise, with clear information about the product and service. The video should be such, that it can be easily passed across different social media platforms.

Videos have the ability to go viral

A video goes viral if its material sparks the interest and attention of its viewers. Through simple features and quality content, an explainer video also has the potential to go viral. Such features make the sharing of the video across different platforms easier and stress-free.

Videos engage even the laziest buyers

People generally want choices and options presented in such a way that they do not get bogged on. A well-curated animated explainer video, through its visuals, helps in engaging even the lazier audience.

Videos help boost traffic

The modern-day online market is mainly centred around the customer and prospective client. The marketing strategies must be based on the needs and demands of the market. With regard to formulating policies like product availability and pricing, the explainer video should be based on similar lines. The video should be able to enlighten the audience and customer so that he is able to make an informed decision. As a result of this, the referral traffic will increase along with a better engagement.

Videos help in building trust

The brand’s values, ethics and belief system must be translated into the animated explainer video. This will show the audience what the brand stands for. The explainer videos should do more than just communicate. Instead, they should help build a trust factor by valuing the client’s resources and time.

Videos are easily shareable

The engines that are responsible for business growth and sales only include quality product and brilliant marketing skills. Besides this, your website must gain visibility and reach. An animated explainer video can really help in gaining this reach. Structurally, the video should be concise and should be able to pass information effortlessly. It should also have certain tools and features that will help the video to be shared across social media platforms.

Videos convert viewers into customers

A carefully thought explainer video enhances your website’s visibility and traffic in the targeted market. It also shows the audience a concise picture of the brand and its functionaries. However, besides attracting and keeping the attention of the audience, the video’s goal is to engender engagement. Through this, they help in converting a visitor of your website into a customer.


Quick tips that can serve as a template for creating amazing explainer videos:

  • Make your prospective clients listen to the testimonials of your happy and satisfied customers.
  • Position your services and product as tools that will solve problems and add value.
  • Mentioning team members can be a wat to give form to the product on display.