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Why your business needs an animated explainer video?

An animated explainer video crafted with thoughtful messaging will not leave anyone indifferent. It grabs and sustains the audience’s attention and helps the brand to communicate engagingly. Let’s uncover the benefits of an animated video for business and how it can boost your brand awareness. Give it a read.

Attention grabber that makes your message heard

Your animated explainer video is a portal that opens up new doors. It may be possible that you might have missed out on a lot of the creative choices for your video to reach out to a wider audience. You must remember that the best aspect of your videos is to add layers upon layers of interesting features that can make your video attention-grabbing to make your message heard. This further boosts the engagement ratio and user experience. With invigorating visual graphics, you get a bunch of surprising elements that stick around. With a professional animated explainer video agency like PitchWorx to help, you can create whiteboard animated explainer videos to understand the purchasing behaviour of your customers.

Fits in your sales funnel

More than 80% of people like to watch their videos to finalize the decision-making process to confirm whether they want to buy that product or service. The fact is that animated videos offer a better user experience that customers look at as a form of entertainment. This fits into the sales funnel so well that companies dedicate a big budget to video marketing to create branding and marketing videos.

Helps you to rank on Google

Google’s SEO (Search Engine optimization) algorithms are very unfathomable to several users but explainer video agencies like PitchWorx will tell you that videos are the way to go. With an explainer video on your webpage, you get a 53% chance to showcase the video on the first page of Google search results. This is a big leap. The longer your users spend on your website, the better your rankings on Google. And what better way to help leads stick around for longer than an animated explainer video. An average user would normally spend 8 seconds on a webpage but with an animated explainer video, they will stay on for 30 seconds- 2 minutes. Maybe even longer if the video interests him and he watches it another time. That’s almost a 1500 per cent increase in the time users spend on your website.

A powerful selling tool

Your animated explainer campaign will give you a higher ROI.  This is because explainer videos are powerful selling tools. They influence people to purchase goods from you. The result- your return on investment will skyrocket thanks to the low-cost structure. The communicative nature of animated explainer videos is something you can depend on to explain your USP and value proposition. You can also avail a third-party tool to track the performance of the videos. You’ll see the results in no time. The communicative nature of animated explainer videos is something you can always depend on. Your audience will constantly learn from you and your videos. Also, you’ll be cutting down a bunch of extraneous marketing and research costs.

Breaks down complicated ideas into simple visuals

To be honest, you don’t need great web design skills to make an effective website. That being said your professional outlook isn’t simply limited to a dedicated website. With a good marketing animated explainer video, you’ll create a positive perception in your target audience. In all its essence, videos send a message that your company is willing and reliable to take both big and small projects to satisfy a customer’s needs. With an explainer video, complex items are simplified and that translates into a business product or service. Explainer videos have the adaptability to explain the entire vision of your company if done correctly.

Brings interest and emotion to your message

You should celebrate the point where your target market begins to understand your brand personality. It is a gradual process that takes time. The process can be sped up with an explainer video because they have the power to visualize boring information that moves the audience. After all, one shouldn’t have to spend decades to build a connection with their audience. With the help of animated explainer videos can bridge that gap. Instead, animated explainer videos try to create a lasting brand recognition strategy. Furthermore, they can help your service or product build a very long-term brand identity. Always remember your brand recognition is tied to several aspects such as captivating visual aesthetics, colour scheme, script, unique voice over and characters of your animated explainer video.

Makes information fly fast on the web

Your flexibility to promote your brand is as broad as your imagination takes it. Hence if you invest in a good animation explainer video agency, you’ll get great results that can make your video viral. All you need is to set it optimally on a tablet, monitor and mobile screens. Similarly, you can use it to incorporate your videos on a personalized YouTube channel to get a better reach. Today, organizations focus on making videos that can be easily adjusted and optimized for mobile devices. More than 60% of the audience, after all, uses smartphones to view online video content.


You can make your animated explainer videos for business but the inexpensiveness of working with a company like PitchWorx is unprecedented in the market. Apart from a cost-effective service, you will get professional expertise to align videos to suit your business need. There are no limitations on the number of changes you want on your explainer videos. From colour correction to sound design to changing other graphical features, the possibilities are endless.