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Why you need an explainer video for your business

Watching videos instead of reading boring texts is preferable today more than at any other time. Online videos are used everywhere and for different purposes, whether to buy, get the latest news or watch a movie. We also use them for education, to teach or to entertain us. Animated explainer videos have become a great marketing tool to boost your business. Here the reasons:

  • The consumption of global video increased by 900% during the last 6 years.
  • People between 18 and 34 years old see 95% of all videos on the internet.
  • Facebook is starting to promote the video, preferring this modality over other types of multimedia.

So, why are the videos so powerful? A short animated explainer video that tells the story of your company/product/ service in an attractive way dramatically increases confidence. It is able to capture the attention of those who see and increase profits in their business.

People prefer videos to read because it focuses more on the visual experience. Video is not necessarily the choice of those who hate to read, but of people who are too busy to read information pages and want to consume information in minutes. Therefore, videos are a great way to present your product. It can help in increasing the recognition of your company/product.

So what is an explainer video and why do all businesses need it? An explainer video as its name indicates, explains to your potential customers your company/product in a short and simple way. It takes a short period of time: the duration of the animated explainer videos typically varies from one to three minutes.

Reasons why your company needs an explainer video there are many. We present the key points of why you should not ignore the explainer video.

The first reason to pay attention to the explainer video is that they can be shared on social media. They can become viral. Second: Research says that potential customers respond more to videos than to text format. If your business has a lot of data, convert them to video format, present them in a short video of 2 minutes.

Another reason is that Google’s search algorithm loves videos more than any other content. In fact, an average user spends two more minutes on a site, when he has an embedded video. Position your website higher in Google search results. So, if you want to have a better position of your website in the Google search results, add a video on your site

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, we also have and the data confirm it, but there are also many companies that have verified it, and that is that the corporate videos speak of an increase of more than 20% in the rate of their sales after including in his web an explainer video company about what they sell. So here are the reasons to create an animated explainer video