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A Long or a Short Animated Explainer Video! Find out what works for You

Going by the latest trend for marketing in the online business world, videos are ranking at the top. Video marketing has caught everyone’s attention today. If you’re an online business marketer, you probably know how difficult it is to hold people’s attention with other marketing strategies or for that matter, explainer videos of your competition? With the limited attention span of people, a long video can kill the potential market scope of an animated explainer video!

But the truth is, no product or service is the same, every offering has a different time requirement. Not everything can be squeezed inside the same explainer pack. So, what’s critical is you should know what works for you? A short animated video or it’s absolutely unavoidable to create one that’s little long?

So, before you go on to make a choice, consider some guidelines to make a preferred choice for the length of your animated explainer video.

Stats say that the average attention span a viewer spends on a website is no longer than 8 seconds. What’s positive is that explainer videos still manage to capture viewer’s attention for about 2 minutes when they are placed on the landing pages of websites.

It’s rare people watch the video till the end. Videos those are not more than 30 seconds are watched to completion by at least 85% of the viewers. Whereas, videos that go up to 2 minutes are watched till the finish by less than 50% of the viewers. While, watching your explainer a viewer should be compelled to watch it till the end, listen to the business proposition and the call-to-action.

When You Should Go For Short Explainer Videos:

1: When the product or service to be explained is easy to explain.

2: The idea is light-hearted where the audience needs to be tasted.

3: When easy share ability of the video on social media is what you’re looking for.

When You Should Go For Long Explainer Videos:

1: When the product or service to be explained is very serious.

2: Usually, when the product is brand new in the market and consists of special features that need.

3: Extra time to be explained.

4: Explainer Videos made in whiteboard technique also are longer than others.

Well, the truth of the matter is no matter what length an explainer video is, in the end it has to be useful and has to solve problems. And as long as this happens the length of animated explainer videos is not much of a concern. An interesting, unique one never fails to “hook” potential customers.