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The Essential Guide to Animated Video Scripts

Animated videos have proved to be an effective way to inform and educate the masses about the larger technological realm. The public forum, many of whom lack the technical know-how, find these videos to be exceedingly helpful.

Of course, any video that explains the inner workings of a particularly technical hardware, software or solution, is going to need a very convincing and informative script.

If a script needs to encourage an action on the consumer’s part, it will need to make an impact on the consumer’s mind.

The script should be structured in a way that any layman should be able to understand the core ideas that are being put across.

The consumer should be able to connect emotionally to the content of the script.

Let’s explore how to write scripts for animated videos:


  • Make the script crisp and concise, a short, compelling script will immediately hold people’s attention.
  • Highlight all the important points.
  • Make sure to emphasize the attributes, of the product, because users are more receptive to features they might find appealing.
  • Make it a first-person account. Speak directly to the viewers, it’s more personal that way.
  • Grab people’s attention with an exciting and witty opening line. Use humor wisely.
  • It is advisable to simplify the core message.
  • Always keep the target audience in mind while developing the script.


As much as possible, complicated words and decorative language should be seldom incorporated in the script. Technical jargons should be avoided at all cost.

Someone clicked on your animated video because they genuinely want to learn something. So, make your script self-explanatory, show your expertise but don’t be too preachy.

The script itself should be impeccable, regarding grammar and text formatting. Remember, the accompanying video will be as good as the script.

The script should be able to complement the animated video.

Establish a one-way dialogue with the viewer, in a way that he/she feels involved and engaged with the entire process of watching the explainer video.

The viewer should be able to understand, relate to and form opinions easily when they watch the animated video.

You must remember that storytelling via. an Animated video script, is a dynamic process. There are no set rules or protocol, per se.

You can incorporate many different variations of text, design, and placement, if the script gels with the video perfectly, anything goes.