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Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Leveraging content marketing has been downright favorable for marketers in 2017, but to maintain growth, the same trends can’t be incorporated in 2018.

New-age digital marketers must transform into the ever-dynamic marketing landscape.

The digital marketing space is shifting, and the consumers are demanding a more homogenized experience, wherein the call for unified customization of social media, and the larger online realm will gain impetus.

The marketing trends, that are expected to gain popularity, in 2018 are:


Video Marketing

A surge in video content, across all social media channels, is anticipated. It’s a proven fact that users retain video content more than text.

Video content will be more popular than images and static graphics. A more dynamic viewing experience is called for.

Instagram Accounts

Stories on Instagram are predicted to drive marketing and promotional activities for individuals, businesses and brands.

Instagram hashtags are a very important marketing tool because they make it easier for users to find content related to a specific brand or business.

More Captivating Content

Distinctive content piques readers’ interest and commands instant action, on the part of the reader.

Effective content ads value to a brand and readers/customers tend to relate to it.

Higher Customer Connect

It will become even more important to engage the customers with engaging content, to maintain development.

There will be a stronger focus on fostering a relationship with the customer and enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

A decrease in Twitter Influence

Experts have observed a steady decline in user engagement with Twitter. It has been struggling to land more advertisers, with an uninspiring growth in user base.

The company’s revenue fell almost 5%, in the most recent quarter. Twitter is expected to diminish further and make way for platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will gain prominence as businesses will, increasingly, use the technology to automate processes like customer service. Activities related to the customers, including computerized marketing, assistance, and resources, Information Technology and the flow of goods and services to end consumers, are expected to make a substantial impact, in the next five years.

Decrease in Influencer Marketing

In this type of marketing, more focus is placed on influential people, as opposed to that on the larger public arena. The method identifies individuals or organizations, who have a sway over consumers and can affect buying behavior, and revolves every marketing effort around them.

It is problematic because it promotes elitism and exclusivity, not to mention does harm to businesses by excluding the public.

Higher Instances of Chat Bot Use

Chat Bots are an exceedingly popular marketing tool. They have proven their ability to help niche brands maximize their target audience reach.

This sophisticated mechanism is expected to gain more popularity in the next couple of years.

To summarize, marketing initiatives, both digital and traditional, are geared up to be more transparent and embedded with cutting-edge technologies.

It can be predicted that brands are set to spend more on marketing, than on any other facet of business operations.