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The Importance of a Better User Interface

Online interactions have taken over most, if not all, day-to-day interactions between people. The way we communicate in the digital realm transcends every limitation of human interactions.

A user interface can be simply defined as the way users interact with every digital platform, whether it’s websites, smartphones or any other kind of communication device.

UI, in any manifestation, relies on two basic attributes: Input and Output. For instance, a user inputs a query on a search engine and the website delivers a list of websites as output.

A good UI is the very epitome of simplicity, efficiency and visual appeal. Better UI will lead to more online traffic. User interface enhances user experience. Users are more likely to visit a website that gives them a wholesome experience, i.e., it is a balanced mix of pages, buttons, screens, graphics allure and user-friendliness.

It is essential for website designers to build sites that can draw traffic and attract patrons. There has been an exponential growth in e-commerce industries, which are almost entirely dependent on internet and data services for their daily operations. Websites and other devices, that propel UI are a vital part of any e-commerce business.

The user interface is important now, more than ever, because the World Wide Web has become an all-encompassing source for every kind of interaction (business, social or personal), information and entertainment.

Any business organization that provides digital services to e-commerce clients, couldn’t go on without giving a fair share of consideration to UI initiatives. They have to make sure, on behalf of their clients, that the client’s website, animation, video etc. receive good traffic, thereby increasing their reach.

An effective user interface is what connects people to machines. UI can make or break a digital product. User acceptance and rejection, of a product, determine its success or failure, and that depends on the product’s user-friendliness, i.e., whether a digital product is easy to understand and use.

Softwares and solutions can’t run on their own, some kind of human intervention is necessary. Softwares are abstract, which means they can’t be seen or touched. The only way for users to communicate with something as intangible as software is through an effective user interface.

The growing dependency on digital products and the general industrial focus being shifted to primarily digital goods and services would mean an increasing demand for even better UI designs, encouraging worldwide corporate and public participation.