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5 Best Animation Companies for Your Business Out There!

If the entertainment industry is a topic of your and you are in search of the best animation companies that provide their services in the market, this is a guide that you will doubt will be very useful.

Currently, animation video companies have been increasing in number and also in the quality of service, because the industry requires it, because every second that passes, professionals in the area decide to revolutionize film or television with their contributions and knowledge.

Worldwide, many animation companies offer various services related to the final product, because to perform quality work it is necessary to go through multiple processes, this is the list of animation companies that stand out for the quality of service what are you offering.


We are PitchWorx, Creative animation company based in Gurgaon. PitchWorx provides cost-effective services like explainer videos, corporate videos, presentations and a lot more based on your requirement. The animation company PitchWorx has been in the industry for many years, it is one of the 6 years oldest video animation company.

Sandwich Videos:

It is a famous animation video company that specializes in the production of Live Action videos, but also venture into other areas, for example, Marketing, for this reason, it is one of the first options if what you want is to start relationships with a distribution company, because not only will they recreate the desired animated content, but they are also able to help distribute it, this makes Sandwich Video a very versatile company.

Epipheo Studios:

The animation company Epipheo Studios has been in the industry for many years, it is one of the oldest, and remains in force thanks to the number of professionals who work in it, offering products of the best quality. They offer the standard services of any company in the industry, but in addition to this they specialize in the production of animated explanatory videos and storytelling, so if your business needs these services, it is ideal.


Specializes in creating specific stories, that is, they implement short messages that can transmit all the emotions, feelings and the information that the creator of that story wishes to show. The explanatory videos in which they specialize have given the name to the company. They are dedicated solely to the creation of this type of videos for any subject that is required, and they are also able to correct any product of this type.

Grumo Media:

This company prefers working with small companies or that takes very little time in the market, so it is an excellent option for those who want their services and be the first time they come to an animation video company. They are based in Vancouver and are Marketing professionals because they are dedicated to promoting companies to attract customers and investors. It is called Grumo media because they call each sample video a “grumo”.

Lakshya Digital:

It is an animation company in Gurgaon that has multiple training institutes in this area. He is a specialist and leader in animation and art for the entertainment industry, specifically the area of video games, is famous for the high quality of his work and the constant preparation of the professionals that make up his team. It is the provider of the art of this kind for video games in the world.