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Types of customers in the presentation industry

The Serial negotiator

In the corporate world of presentation, it is possible to meet different types of customers. Some customers will meet your presentation design with a view of altering your quotation for the presentation. They will question the value you have bestowed for that particular presentation by questioning individual slides’ value.

To solve this kind of situation, what you need to do is to add a few more slides to your PowerPoint while still maintaining the price. This will help you satisfy both sides while at the same time getting the best value for your presentation.

The Free Rider

It is also possible to meet the kind of customers that are in it just for the ride. This category of customers will ask you to make a free presentation of say, 20 slides. They do not demonstrate the intent to compensate you for your time nor your effort and hard work.

What this group of customers actually means is that you make a free presentation. It is important to approach this kind of audience with a skill to maintain a good name for both yourself and your business and also maintain a good prospective investor pitch.

Sometimes making presentations requires a significant amount of patience especially if you are trying to introduce something new into the market and are pitching for investors.

The Aesthetic Assassinator

This class of customers is the kind that will constantly want to make adjustments to your presentation. They will want to make changes like say for example, to make certain images bigger or rather ask you to crop certain personalities in the individual slides and sometimes they will attack your color of choice and suggesting other colors which would look better according to them.

This kind of customers means that they are demonstrating the need to highlight their products or brand everywhere with a set of principles concerned with nature and appreciation of beauty. In a sales presentation especially, this kind of customers are common.

The Wow Wonder

It is also possible to meet this kind of customers that challenge the presentation you have prepared for them relative to the ones you have prepared for others in your portfolio, in the corporate presentation world.

At times the presentation you have made is worth what they have paid for but what they actually mean is that they will keep referring you until you give them a presentation worth more than they have actually paid for.

The Mainstream Mafia

This group will often go for the only part that has not been done and refer to that piece as their main slide. With this, what they actually mean is that the job is faulty and that you have left out what is really important.

The Hurrying Hurricane

Sometimes in the corporate world, you will meet customers who want the first cut of your presentation as early as possible. What they mean is that they want the first version of what you have prepared in your presentation the next day and sometimes even by the end of that particular day. You, therefore, have to be proactive and always prepared in case of any eventuality.

It is important to meet the different types of customers positively with an open mind so that you learn as well as improve as this will always make you a better version of yourself in as far as corporate presentation is concerned. The presentation design company in India is the best place that accommodates all these kinds of customers.