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8 Myths about Website Design and Development

With the onset of this pandemic, most companies are looking to establish their presence online. And the first method that comes to mind is creating a website for your business. Websites have become an integral part of businesses these days, as they can reach a wider audience than what one could while selling products physically. A website acts like a window to your business and creates the first impression on your audience. That’s why it’s important to have a well-designed website that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and user-friendly. Hiring a web designing company in Gurgaon, like PitchWorx, is a great way to establish your online presence with the perfect website for your organisation.

But creating a website comes with its own set of misconceptions. This article will focus on debunking some of the popular myths and misconceptions involved with website design and development.

  1. Appearance is the most important aspect of website design | web designing company in Gurgaon

We all have a tendency to think that the appearance of a website is the most important aspect. But, it’s not. What good will a website be if it only looks aesthetically pleasing, but does not let the audience navigate the website easily and does not provide relevant content? So while appearance does matter, other factors like usability and relevant information are equally important to create a successful website for your business. Trust us when we say that a well-designed website from a UI design agency will ensure that you give your audience a good user experience that will help you achieve the goals you set out for your business.

  1. Good web design is expensive

It’s a common thought that something that needs to be designed from scratch to represent your business will be expensive. But with different resources present these days, you can easily customise your web design to suit your specific needs and only pay for what you’ve used. So it is possible that you get an entirely unique website design at an affordable price. Professional web designers from any website development company in Gurgaon will try to understand your requirements and design a customised website for your business at an affordable price.

  1. Responsive web design is optional

First, let’s see what it means to have a responsive web design. A responsive web design is one that can be viewed perfectly on different devices. So you cannot just create a web design for the desktop and leave it at that. You need to ensure your website is displayed well on other devices like smartphones, tabs, etc, as well. Besides, responsive websites rank better in search engines. Research also states that most websites receive the maximum traffic through mobile phones. Therefore, neglecting something as potent as a responsive web design can be detrimental to the overall success of your website.

  1. Once your site is live, it’s finished!

This is a common misconception that most people have. But the truth is, website development is an ongoing process. It needs to be worked on continuously and updated regularly with new content, plugins, service updates and security extensions to ensure the smooth running of your website. So once your site is live, it’s time to gear up and ensure regular maintenance and support. This step is usually taken care of by the website development company that you hire.

  1. Why do I have to pay if there are free web services?

There are definitely a bunch of web services that offer free sign ups to attract customers. But, here’s the catch! Once you are in, you’ll realise that you have to pay to upgrade your website and keep it running smoothly. There will also be additional features or add-ons that you need to purchase to remain active throughout the website. Though they advertise free services, to optimise your website, you’ll be asked to pay time-to-time. So these services aren’t entirely free and you will have to invest a lot just to keep the website running. That’s why hiring a website development company in Gurgaon, where there are experts that help build and optimise your website according to your needs, is a better option.

  1. You’ll attract visitors automatically when your website is online

This is another myth that’s common among people. Your product does not sell simply because it has been created, does it? You need to promote and market your product to ensure sales. Similarly, websites also need to be promoted and optimised to ensure visibility. Paid advertisements, SEO, and guest posts are a great way to generate traffic to your website.

  1. Only online businesses need a website

Most people tend to think that websites are only useful for online businesses. But, regardless of the industry you belong to, websites act as the face of an organization and help build trustworthy relationships among customers. Your online presence increases your credibility irrespective of whether you sell online or offline. Therefore, it’s important to have a well-designed website from a UI design agency to attract potential customers.

  1. No need to worry about security since it’s a small site

Security of your website should matter regardless of whether it is small or large. Only when customers feel that your website is secure, will they opt to share information and step in to do business with you. So always ensure that your website is built with all the necessary security to avoid hackers accessing important information. Hackers don’t see whether a site is small or big!

We hope this article debunked some myths that would have stopped you from creating and optimising a website for your business in the past. Avail web design services from experts like PitchWorx, a web designing company in Gurgaon, to get your stunning website that will help grow your vision and create a strong online presence.