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How can Animation Benefit Education?

Do you ever scroll through your feed and find an animated video that caught your eye? Over the years, animation has evolved so much that it is no longer just children’s cartoons. Children love animated cartoons for its vibrant colours, creativity and its simplicity and adults love it because it gives us a sense of nostalgia. 

Now, because of its effectiveness in captivating people, it has become a medium that is widely used for marketing. Animation has shown that it can explain complex products and ideas through engaging visuals. But what if we use this medium to educate children? 

With its ability to be extremely engaging, why not use animation to make learning an enjoyable experience for children? Let us look at how animation can benefit students, especially in the current scenario where e-learning is the norm. Some of the best 2D animation company help tutors create stunning animations that explain difficult concepts with simple and attractive visuals.

Benefits of animation in the classroom | Best 2D animation company

During this pandemic, education has completely shifted online. With the lack of direct interaction with the teachers, kids lack concentration and have developed shorter attention spans. So how do you make sure they get effective learning while studying remotely? 

Well, animation is here to save the day! Animation provides visual learning to leave a lasting impression on children. A famous 2D animation company uses vibrant colours and simple animations to create educational animation videos for children. Here are some benefits of animation in the classroom.

Keeps the students hooked

This is especially important in the current day where everyone suffers from shorter attention spans. The vibrant colours, the visuals and the audio make animation a multisensory tool, which keeps the students more engaged. It engages all the senses and makes the learning process more interactive. 

Simplifies complex and abstract concepts

Animation can be leveraged to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Most students find it difficult to grasp abstract and complex topics because they are not able to visualise it. But animation can help them visualize the concept and understand it better. It makes learning more enjoyable for students and it even attracts the poorly performing students.  

Saves time

Animation videos can explain concepts in a short and crisp manner, thus making it more entertaining than hour-long lectures. Since this way of learning saves students’ time and is more enjoyable, educational animation can be preferred to other forms of learning. Many 2D animation explainer video company believe that the popularity of animation can be attributed to its short duration and attractiveness.

Increases retention

Students who are exposed to concepts using animation can retain the information for longer periods of time. A main reason for this is that animation brings these concepts to life and makes the experience more interactive for the student. Sometimes gamifying lessons can also help students experience interactive learning and retain the lesson better. 

Enhances creativity

Children are more observant and imaginative than adults. So exposing children to animated videos will further boost their imagination and creativity. They store everything they see in their minds, so watching educational animated videos will help them channel their creativity while also making them learn better. Irrespective of age, animation can also induce creativity in adults. 

Improves communication skills

Watching animated videos with characters can help improve pronunciation and communication skills for children as they take in everything they watch diligently. Character animation, whiteboard animation, and typography animation are some of the types of animation offered by 2D animation video company.

Helps to build interest in a subject

Sometimes not having an interactive learning session can make children disinterested in a subject. But with animated videos’ unique visuals, a child can build his interest in a subject. 

Provides experiential learning

Animation can give students experiential learning. For instance, animation can demonstrate certain science experiments that can be too hazardous to perform in person. This enables the students to experience it without any danger. Aside from dangerous experiments, animations can also help visualise geometry, biological cells, functioning of organs, mechanisms of motors, etc. 

Easily accessible

Another benefit of animation is that animated modules can be accessed anytime, anywhere and are not limited to classrooms alone. This will let students learn at their own pace.

No age barrier in learning

Animation is not limited to children. In fact, students of all ages can access animated videos to learn concepts better. Even a working individual can learn the mechanism of complex machinery through animations. So there really is no age barrier for learning with the help of animation. 

Many e-learning platforms have come up in the past year, and they say that animated videos have enhanced the learning experience. These e-learning platforms hire some of the best 2D animation company in Chennai to get captivating animations.


The benefits of animation can only be reaped when it is incorporated into a student’s life. Animation can make learning an enjoyable experience. There are many professional 2D animation company that make cool educational animated videos for students. These educational animated videos can give a fresh perspective on difficult subjects like maths, science, history, etc and it can be used to explain challenging concepts in a simple manner. With all these benefits, why don’t you go ahead and make a fun educational animation video for your students? Hire one of the best 2D animation company, like PitchWorx, to get unique and captivating video animations that will impress your students.