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7 Factors That Influence the Cost of Producing an Animated Video

By choosing an animated explainer video instead of a live action, you will be able to bring a whole new level of value and intrigue to your marketing. Oftentimes, an animation is the best solution to explain complex thoughts and much easier for your audience to fully understand.

Entertainment plays a strong role, which retains the attention of the viewers with a wide variety of style options. Sometimes, while the animation is thought of as a cheaper alternative for live action videos, animation can be also involved a lot of costs, regardless of your chosen animation video company.

Below are some of the factors that influence the overall cost of making animation videos:

The complexity of the Topic

If your animated video’s topic is more complex compared to others, the longer it’ll take for the team to research about it and get an in-depth understanding of the topic. Therefore, research time adds to pre-production time, which adds to the cost of the video.

Characters or Content

Adding character elements is good for some reasons. Adding elements as dynamic as the living beings complicate the whole process. Not only every character will be designed and illustrated individually, but also it will be rigged for movements.

Creative Planning and Development Hours

There are times plans look good on papers, yet once you make visuals from that plan, you’ll realize that it is hard. With a good company, you’ll be guided throughout the planning phase to help you achieve high-quality results, which may also mean higher cost.


The animated video’s overall feel and look will be a big factor in the video’s cost. Every detail takes a lot of time to make. The more styles you prefer, the more cost you will need to pay as the more time is required to put into its completion.

Video Content Usage

Each professional creative asset that is used in animated videos will require you to purchase the rights to use them commercially. Yet, it’s an exception if you use public domain creative assets.


It seems straightforward and obvious because more minutes basically means more money. Yet, what may not be obvious is that with every minute that passes, the viewer retention decreases. It is important that the length of your video is short and enough to make all viewers stick to it until the end.

Feedback Time

An inseparable part of the process of creating video is client feedback. Long feedback times entail more time for production and thus, higher costs while fast feedback will be always a cost-saver for you.

To reduce the cost of your preferred animated videos, you can consolidate your content to a shorter and much efficient message. It will lower per-minute cost, hourly cost, and boost your viewers who watch videos from the start to the end.

Keep everything simple and take for consideration of every detail that affects the cost of animated videos. You should also never hesitate to ask some questions to your animation video company in India to get the best possible results.