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6 Steps to Optimizing Your Explainer Video Content

Gone are the days when you can just produce videos and throw them online and wait for results. Things and times have changed, and so did the viewers. Today, the online audience has a completely different way of digesting video contents.

They also watch videos on various media channels for specific and unique purposes every time they click on that Play button. To ensure that your animation videos wouldn’t go to use, there are 6 steps you must follow to optimize your video content and enjoy its fullest potential.

Determine Your Target Audience

Even if you have the best animation design, everything will be futile if you don’t even know your audience in the first place. An animated explainer video has a bigger advantage compared to another medium as far as targeting your niche audience. Take note that a properly targeted niche audience could bring a big volume of traffic flow to your explainer video.

Come Up with Compelling Content

When making your video, the general rule of thumb is to put yourself in the shoes of the viewers while watching it. Content which speaks from the perspective of viewers can result in higher message retention and engagement rates. Aside from coming up with entertaining animated videos, these must also critically pinpoint the value proposition in a meaningful, clear, and simple manner to the target audience.

Use Relevant and Keyword-Enriched Descriptions and Titles

The video description and title serve as Meta tags to help the search engines in identifying your animated explainer video and its content. See to it that these are relevant as much as possible. You have to try to add the primary keywords related to your video’s subject because these are the ones that will search for on search engines. More searchers click on well-written descriptions and meta titles, and this can generate more traffic to your explainer video.

Get the Best Out of Video Thumbnails

Since they are auto-generated, thumbnails are often neglected and forgotten ingredients of videos. Just like other elements, thumbnails also need optimization. After all, this short image can give videos a good first impression of your video.

Use this thumbnail to draw attention to a certain shot, summarize your message, or intrigue the audience with a mysterious image related to your video content.

Harness the Power of Distribution Channels

To increase your video’s visibility, the best thing you can do is share it for it to be shared more. Your blogs, email newsletters, social media channels, and other similar digital presence must be used effectively to ensure that your content will reach a wider audience.

Review, Analyze, Repeat

Once you followed the steps above, you can be sure that you are off to a great start. However, see to it you get the highest ROI from your video by keeping tabs on the performance of your video and the engagement it receives.

With the help of the best-animated video company in India, you can be sure that all your video content will be optimized properly and give you the exact results you need and want.