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Predictions for the future of presentation designs

Interactive PPT will be exponentially more shareable:

VR presentations lend themselves to being shared. As the consumer technology needed to view AR and VR content becomes more accessible, informative and interactive presentations will be more easily downloaded and widely viewed.

This could be a blessing for training in virtually every industry. Since the interactive experience will be accessible from anywhere. From CEO messages to corporate security training presentations, you should expect to get a lot of attention from people with these new and attractive presentation platforms. By 2019 and beyond, more designers and presentation designs services and brands are adding interactive presentations.

Minimalist Typography:

It is expected to see more typography and handmade prints in futuristic and striking colors combined with minimalist design. Based on the “less is more” approach, and the year 2019 will be the minimalist year. By 2019 and beyond, more designers and presentation designs services and brands are adding minimalist typography.

Living Colors:

You may have noticed that the design world feels a bit more colorful lately. You could be right. Touches of electric yellow, bright corals and vivid blue replace the reserved colors of the past. By 2019 and beyond, more designers and presentation designs company and brands are adding vivid colors to their pallets.

The Futuristic Influences Are the Main Current:

I imagine that, since technically we are living in the future, as predicted by many films from the 80s, it is time that our presentation designs can demonstrate it. This means that many of the patterns, colors and futuristic ideas are very close to dominating the world of design in the coming years. Every day we have in our pockets most of the futuristic devices that have been predicted. So, you can also take advantage of that technology in your presentation design work!

Dynamic and Complex Hand Drawn Illustrations:

Illustrations that are personalized or hand drawn are a great way to make your visual content stand out. And stay on all the other brands that have taken the easy way. And this happens because no other brand will be able to exactly replicate these images.

Competitors could copy your color scheme, your strategy for social networks and the stored photos you use. This will be a great presentation design for the year 2019. Also, when you are looking to create a strong brand, having unique content like this is too valuable.

Gradients Complexes and Duotones:

Gradients are one of the favorite things to include in any presentation design project and give it some more depth. In addition, as some of the other trends of design of the growing presentation, look amazing on mobile devices. Last year it had been predicted that the degraded would begin to take over the world.

Especially after seeing large companies receive them, such as Microsoft PowerPoint in their presentation designs. However, I think that this is the year in which the gradients will grow and be used in more ways than just a simple background. As with any new trend, as time goes by, people will find unique ways to use them.