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Why you cannot simply do without explainer videos!

Simply because our brains feed more on visual content as opposed to textual bombardment. Ever wondered why we flip through pages of a boring book, yet can endure a long boring feature film? This is because our brains are programmed in a way that processes visuals faster than textual data.

This is exactly the reason that drives companies focus on explainer videos, thereby striking the perfect chord with the audience with which they want to connect. A pre-cursor to every business strategy is an explainer video that supplements textual information with motion graphics, allowing communication to flow seamlessly to the target audience.

Here’s how you can strike gold with a comprehensive explainer video:

1. Evokes emotions

A good storyline goes a long way in eliciting an emotional response from the audience. The order of the day is to create a thoughtful story that can convey information without much difficulty, also establishing a connect between the company and its target audience.

2. Influences your decisions

Technology has empowered us to an extent where we can use persuasion, enclosed in a creative capsule, to influence people’s decisions. That’s exactly what an explainer video does! It evokes a sense of ‘need’ and your need defines your decisions.

3. Carves your identity

Speak out with a video! That would entail a far-fetched reach as opposed to the traditional ways of advertising your product/company. A good explainer video lets people know of your existence and heightens the possibility of people stumbling across you through social media.

4. Exhibits your creative side

In order to withstand competition you must deploy forces of top-notch creativity! WIth a video that is both creative and self-explanatory, you carve a niche for yourself in the market place.