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What Your Explainer Video is Missing?

Our brains are programmed to grasping information in an audio/visual format as opposed to textual overdose; which is exactly the reason why companies spend thousands of dollars to get a neat-looking explainer video for business. While textual information doesn’t have enough recall value, business proponents make use of marketing via corporate animation videos to deliver information about their products/services etc.

What an explainer video exactly does is succinctly explain what business you’re into and what are the products/services you sell. It is an excellent marketing tool to garner more sales for your product/service and greatly enhancing your brand’s visibility. A right choice of words can play on your prospect’s mind, paving way to more brand recall value.

But many explainer videos fail to live up to their expectations! The most vital component of your explainer video is…. “the script”. The choice of words can make all the difference between an engaged potential customer and a “mehh, I’ve had enough of this already”!

The thing that most videos tend to overlook is the delivering a “call to action”. An explainer video shouldn’t have a passive ending, it should actually drive the viewers to action! The video needs to aggressively persuade the viewers to follow up! Creating a relationship between your video and the viewers is imperative for you to transform a viewer into an engaged potential customer! The way to ensure that the purpose behind your video doesn’t go awry is to mold one-time viewing into a relationship!