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What does a pitch video do for business?

The world today is fiercely competitive. It becomes very important for every business to remain unique. Think of it, when you pitch your idea to a client, there are dozens of other competitors ready with their pitches. And more or less their offering is going to be the same. Who would the client give his/her business to? The potential service provider who impressed him/her the most.

RFI, RFQ and RFP – the process

That impression building starts right from the RFI (Request for Information) you send to the client. It’s natural that you would want to pack the RFI with lots of data and information on your company’s past achievements. How about packing the PPT with a pitch video? For e.g; if your company is into electronic surveillance, then along the PPT which you usually send as an RFI, you can send a pitch video done in animation. You can put in images of all the dynamic work you have done for other clients and see the difference for yourself.

PowerPoint presentation from other competitors must be already at the doorstep of your competitors but they will surely be impressed with a pitch video about a business which subconsciously gives you more credit.

Now the stage is set, you have got a positive response to the RFI and you know what the client is expecting. Time now to prepare another PPT and, this time, it’s an RFQ (Request for Quote).
A pitch video that tells what you can do for your clients with some snippets of your innovative ideas in it, it’s sure is a step higher in the impression ladder.

Now comes the part where quite impressed with your quotation the client asks you to submit a proposal. Here’s when you send out another RFP (Request for Proposal) which consists of your proposal of the solution that will help the client to improve their revenues. Every business aims to “transform” and when you give ideas to the customers which improve his sales from top line to bottom line, then he/she will definitely consider you above the rest.

Then comes Client Visit

After the client has finally been impressed by your proposal, it’s time he/she will make a visit to you. In order to win a customer, here you can again make another presentation that talks about your products, services and your track record. Try and create a synopsis and highlight your strengths. Be a little different and include the challenges that might arise. Everyone talks about ‘how good they are’. You can put a list of challenges which might come during the execution of the project. Show all these with an animated pitch video and give plenty of time to the customer to speak.

However, you should never forget that client will also visit your competitor before signing the deal with you, they will have at least 5 quotations at their desk. So, in order to be that company that bags the business, then think, act, and approach differently. And an amazing pitch video is a very beneficial tool that’ll help you win the coveted deal.