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What Breaking Bad taught us About Sales: An Insight into Explainer Videos

When Breaking Bad first appeared on television, it bore the tagline “you know the business, I know the chemistry”. For those who never bothered to go through the epic television series, here’s a small synopsis: a sincere chemistry high school teacher is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and he joins forces with a drug-peddling ex-student of his to become a kingpin selling crystal meth!

Well, apart from the drug references, this Netflix favorite show taught us a great deal about selling, the underlying fundamental of any business.

Paradigm shift: the “chemistry” out here refers to your “core” offering, the product per se. The “business” here means how effectively you can cajole your audience into buying into your product! That’s the rudiment of every business, which was dramatically highlighted in the hit TV show with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul playing the protagonists (the anti-heroes, I’d say)!

Picture this: you’ve got an awesome product, courtesy the efforts of the highest minds, replete with proper research and development. But there’s one problem, you don’t have the right channels to market your offering to the people who need it the most. Perplexed as you may be, you lose out on hope that you’d ever go all guns blazing with your product.

Traditional marketing channels require big bucks and if you’re a “company” that’s just starting out (quite like Jesse Pinkman and Walter White), you need an inexpensive way to market your product to the right people, who might take to it.

Don’t fret and fume, for technology has bestowed us with alternatives to promote and market products to the right people, harnessing the right channels. The best possible way to let people know your brand exists is by making an explainer video! An explainer video, with its simplicity allows you to “blow your trumpet” in a way that makes it easy for your brand to gain recognition amongst the masses, thwarting competition along the way.

Here’s how corporate animation videos help your brand’s cause

– Explain your product and its objective

Text can be tedious, as it can be interpreted in multiple ways, an explainer video helps negate any doubts that your otherwise “text pitch” may spawn. A video helps people gain a better understanding of what you’re trying to sell to them!

– Pull web traffic

When you’ve marketed yourself well enough, the traffic would flow directly to you! This is how an explainer video drives more people to your product offering. Go viral with your video and let your sales do the talking after that! That’s how some of the brands we know, started out.

– Working for you all day, er’day

Squeeze in bits of information that you would want your explainer video to have. It’s akin to having an elevator pitch with twice the benefits! Explainer videos, once created are capable of self-pitching to prospective customers! They work for you, 24×7, 365 days a week!

Now that you know how to make sales happen using video pitches, it’s time to “cook”!

Want to know about how to pitch better using your explainer videos? Check this article on the importance of background scores in your explainer video pitches!