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Video Marketing & Email Campaigns : A Match Made in Good Heaven!

It seems everybody these days is delving into the deep math of the benefits of video marketing. And you’re probably well aware of the countless merits your business can obtain from a well-sustained email list.

But did you know that combining these two – email and video can be incredible thing for your business. Statistically, adding video to your email campaign can make your click-through rate shoot three times higher and increase your subscribe rate by 75%.

Hold on! Yes you heard it right. In this post we’ll take you through two most common questions that need to be resolved before you can score success with a video marketing email campaign.

Question #1 : Where does the actual video need to be put?

Okay. There are two ways you can do that.

A. You can directly embed video into your emails and,

B. You can include a thumbnail with a link that drives traffic to your site or landing page.

Although it may seem most natural to embed the video directly in your email, as it saves your audience a click and improves the chances that they’ll actually watch the video. But there are genuinely some really good reasons, why you should take up the thumbnail approach.

Think about it: Why are you sharing your video content? Do you want your audience to download some additional content, or contact you for a demo, or simply watch some more of your videos? These are some of the things that happen within the context of your site.

If people can only access to your video and not your site then probably they won’t visit your site. Here’s how you can use video in emails – Place a thumbnail image in your email that links to a landing page where the video rests.

Question #2: What type of videos should be sent?

Short yet Powerful

It’s a trend in internet communication, viz; email to being short and to the point. Well, it’s actually true that people don’t care for long emails and the same thing applies for lengthy business videos as well.

So if you’re deciding to go with the idea of sharing video marketing content via email, there’ll be a lot of content-watching on the audience’s part over time. So while it’s okay, once in a while sharing a long-form video content, it should be kept in mind to keep them short and to the point. How short? Well, hit that sweet spot with 30 to 90 seconds.

Make sure you’re not a one-hit wonder

Now once you’ve introduced video marketing in your email efforts, why would you stop at one? With a whole series you can not only gain trust but could land your brand in the coveted primary inbox. Who knows?

In short, you can’t go wrong with a video series – what better place to share them than email?

Also remember…

A valuable piece of content always deserves a good Call To Action (CTA), irrespective of the medium or the method you choose to deliver it. But if the audience does not the right way to give you back , then you’re missing out on a ton of opportunities. A CTA can help you:

Recognize that a lead is ready to talk with sales
Prompt them to sign up for a free trial
Elucidate them further
Convince them to become a customer.

So the question remains with quality video marketing at your disposal, what are you going to do crank up the impact of your email marketing? Think about it!