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How much content should be a part of your next animated explainer video?

The thought of taking up a new project, a brand new animated explainer video for a business is exciting! The energy of novice clients is contagious which keeps us spirited, the sole reason why we absolutely love kick off meetings. It’s fun to get to know about what they do and discuss the content they want to display in the video.

These meetings can go on for hours and are all about finding a way to distill the information that’ll fit into a conceivable video length.

But what is that perfect animated explainer video length?
30 seconds? A minute? 2 minutes? Well…. Lets find out!

The bottom line of an ideal explainer video length is that it depends on various factors, with the amount of content being the foremost. Some video concepts tend to follow the same pattern. For example in case of business video scripts you’ll see a pattern of: problem, solution, benefits and call-to-action!

You can begin by asking a lot of questions during the intro of your video. The numerous benefits your product comprises could be talked about or touched upon thereafter! But yes, it has to be constantly kept in mind that an animated explainer video script is not a narrative so some time to punch up the flavor of the script is an imperative.

Go on and read the following three tips to help you avoid saying too much or saying too little in your next explainer video.

Write down a video mission statement

Animated explainer videos always help accomplish one goal, not several, and your’s should not be any different. We know that these videos cost a lot, but the message spread should be strong enough to engage all the viewers or potential customers.

When our clients are provided with a brief, they are advised to crunch the mission of the video into one, short sentence. This is really helpful when making a draft of the script and make sure that everything in the narration is moving towards achieving that one goal. This way it’s simpler to identify and do away with the extra fluff.

Know your audience well

Have you identified a target audience? Do not try to appeal everyone with your animated explainer video! Even if your product is universal and can be used at an enterprise company and a university, try not to address both as your message may lose out it’s impact.

Also, don’t just appeal to ‘business people’. The use of adjectives and descriptors is what keeps the interest alive. Like maybe a a job title, age range, or you may even give them a name. Your target audience already has a lot knowledge about your content, so imagine how beneficial that may be to your product or business.

This determines how much explaining and educating you’ll need to do!

Decide a spot to place the video

Lastly, you need to find a spot to place your animated explainer video. It can be seen in multiple pockets of the web, but amidst all, there are a few popular channels where’s people watch videos the most!

How do you decide where to find the location? Simply by finding out whether the video is being pushed out to the consumers or whether they are choosing to watch it themselves.

The last words, that we are going to leave with is a simple mantra that says, ‘Keep it short, the shorter the better!’