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Video animation trends in 2021

With the advent of 2021, it’s time to look ahead to the trends that will be big. As uncertainty due to global pandemic continues, let’s consider how it will affect marketing. Video marketing is one core component that will play a key part in the marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, 92% of marketers prefer video animation for their marketing plan. Whether you want to educate the audience about your product, sell your service, or inform them about something- an animated video can do it all. With the myriad benefits of an animated explainer video, it helps the viewers with maximum retention of the information as compared to other methods of communication. Let’s look at the video animation trends in 2021.

Motion Branding

Motion branding involves bringing the motion to static logo and branding with the help of graphics. As per recent statistics, in 2021 an average person will watch 100 minutes of video a day. This suffices that having a motion branding will not only help your brand stand out but will provide great customer engagement and increased ROI.

Mixing Live-action and 2D animated videos

Why choose between a live-action and 2D animated video when you can have both? Brands can consider a combination of live-action video and 2D animation video for their marketing content. By mixing these two types of videos, the final cut is striking with visually compelling displays. The powerful combination allows marketers to showcase real-life scenarios. It helps them amplify their product with animation layered on top of live-action video.

Thin lines animation

Line art can be very minimal. With the impression of doodles and continuously flowing movements within thin lines, thin lines animation conveys messaging in a surreal way. When the animation video is combined with script and voice-over the video can be used for marketing, training, and other purposes. The minimalist approach of the animation is engaging and draws the attention of the audience. Hence making it a unique option to opt for.

Motion graphics

Complicated products and services need simple graphics that can explain the product well and engages with the audience. Motion graphics features text and simple graphics that make the brand story vivid and dynamic. With animation video centred around characters and elaborate settings, the motion graphics video add life to stories that otherwise visuals wouldn’t. The video uses shapes, graphics, and text to represent the story.

Brand animation

Brand animation is a form of video that promotes the brand, its products and services. A brand animation video will elevate the brand, explain the product and service well, and educate the audience. The type of video content conveys brand values and fits right in the video marketing strategy. It ultimately helps in generating qualified leads, conversions, and sales.

Animated explainer videos

Want to explain your business idea in less than 90 seconds? An animated explainer video can do the work. An animated video communicates what your product offers and how it will help your audience. These videos are engaging and helps brands to communicate in a persuasive manner. With clear messaging and attractive visuals, explainer videos easily grab the audience’s attention than a dossier.

Morphing and liquid motion

Morphing is a frame-by-frame process that breaks down shapes to liquid-like blending elements. The combination of liquid elements and timing of the transitions makes the morphing and liquid motion satisfying for the audience. Because of the frame-by-frame animation process, the motion shots can be lengthier than 2D animation styles. These shots can be used for animated loops and advertisements for marketing videos.

Vertical animated videos

Vertical videos are trending because of smartphones and other medium starting to follow suit due to the audience viewing the content on mobile. As per studies, more than 75% of videos are viewed on mobile. The study also reveals that smartphone users hold their phones vertically 94% of the time. The figures suffice that animated videos in vertical format can be a great medium to generate maximum reach and engagement among the audience.

Getting the most out of existing assets

If you need content that delivers a great return on investment, then video animation is your answer. With the editable format, animated video can be repurposed into a shorter video that can be used across multiple media channels. As firms become mindful of their expenses and budget, video animation can be a reusing asset. This trend can become the norm in 2021 as organizations look to stretch their marketing budgets.

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