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Mobile App UI design trends in India

You get only one chance to get a user hooked to your product. Users often get inundated with advertisements and invitations to try out new apps and products but will spend just a second on the information that appears. Hence, it is imperative to have a design that delivers a rich user experience. Here are some of the significant mobile app UI design trends in India.

Incorporating More Videos

With the rising trend of using videos in web and mobile applications, it helps the users to engage and connect more. These videos are short, informational, interactive, and to-the-point that talks about the app and its usage. Incorporating such videos into the mobile application will save time and delivers a rich user experience.

Time Saving Designs

Web design and mobile app design agency in India uses the principles of UI (user interface) to find the flow of user actions to create engaging designs. These designs are made to reduce the amount of time spent searching for the information that users are looking for.

Less is More

To help users achieve their goals on their mobile app, functional designs and engaging content is the best way. Eliminating steps and long-winded content adds a higher value to users as it saves time and the effort of reading and exploring too much content.

Content First

A web and mobile app design agency can help you in focusing on delivering the most relevant and essential content. By excluding mobile app UI design trends and elements that do not contribute to what the user wants to accomplish removes distractions. This even allows them to consume more content or carry out tasks without any distractions.

Progressive Disclosure

Progressive disclosure means providing information when the user looks or asks for it which may be opposed to presenting them with many options or as a complete list of details in the sets. This design structure saves space and makes the features look simplified for the users.

Location Sensitivity

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the use of embedded devices in workplaces, using user’s location to provide personalized and geo-targeted notifications are scaling up. Some examples of this can be seen in the indoor experience in malls and airports.

A creative design agency in India can help you create an app that is keeping in mind the latest UI and UX design trends. These agencies are dedicated to incorporating the best UI & UX principles to make your web/mobile app stand out.