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Design Trends for 2020

A design is never static, it always keeps changing. Design that looks cutting-edge may look out-dated the other day. Therefore, it is important for a designer to keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s trending in the creative design world. Let’s take a deep dive into the design trends for 2020 and know, how a designer can incorporate them.

Unique branding

Brands know that they require a logo to differentiate themselves but in this digitally driven world let’s re-think and help brands in building broader, impactful, and more comprehensive brand identity in 2020. A brand identity is made up of multiple design assets such as a logo, business card, website, and social media presence. Following the design trends for 2020 create thoughtful designs with audience-oriented messaging for an impressionable brand identity.

Custom typography

No matter which industry your business falls into, the market is saturated with competition. And with so many competitors, it’s difficult to grab the audience’s attention. Therefore, it is essential to take a front seat in a custom approach to typography. It can help a brand differentiate and will potentially save licensing money. But before the designing ideate your design, thoughts and communication of your brand properly. For example, if you are about to launch a cutting-edge technology company, go with a sans serif font. This is because viewers see it more as modern and sleek. Designing custom typography is great for your brand but know what it will speak about your brand.

Think outside the design box

Experiences should never be homogenous because then it will lead to bland and unbranded digital experiences. It is imperative for brands and designers to flex their creative muscles by thinking outside of the design box. Create designs that are not only visually impactful, but they deliver the right audience-oriented messaging. Try incorporating animations in your designs as viewers connect more with the video messaging. Dive in by experimenting with colours and designs to grab the viewers’ attention and add value to your brand.

Use bold and contrasting colours

In 2020, lean more towards bright, bold, and contrasting colours. Where minimalism opts for a monochromatic colour palette, experiment with vibrant playful colours and gradients to your designs this year. If the palette looks too bold, you can embrace the trend by making use of vivid hues as accent colours. Try experimenting with the trend on social media by adding colours on your social feed.

Add art into designs

With graphic design, illustration and animation are other forms of art. With the growing prominence of designs with art, computer-generated graphics and hand-drawn illustration are gaining momentum instead of flat, cut and dry designs. Designers merge the functionality and problem solving of design with the expression of art to make the designs visually impactful.