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5 Ways To Make A Killer Presentation And Turn Heads

One of the most desired skills of an entrepreneur or a company executive is to be able to get their ideas and products specific details across the people quite effortlessly and in an engaging way. A lot of time these executives struggle to create effective presentations to float their ideas across.

We at Pitchworx have taken many projects which are diverse, and include many kinds of presentations like – sales & progress reports, marketing pitches, investors’ pitches etc. Working on these presentations, we realized that no matter how strong the outlines of a product or service is if it lacks the essential elements of design or a creative flow it fails to grab eyeballs.

Good presentations have the capacity to endear your future customers and potential investors, which is why it is important to make a killer presentation. There are five ways you can make that happen:

Clarify The Intent and Create A Goal

It is very important to establish the reason for making a presentation. The crisp idea of what is to be conveyed to the audience is the intent and what reactions you expect out of that presentation is your goal. But it won’t be an easy task to manage that, with so many prospective approaches it’s difficult to pick the right one.

In that case, you just need to determine the motive or goal and the facts; it becomes easy to eliminate the extra options once you’ve ascertained your expectations in the form of result.

Create The Perfect Script

Now once you’ve collected the facts and the data, all that needs to be done is to come up with a concise and clear script. Presentations are usually the best when they are less wordy and more interactive in nature. But with all the data and long formatted documents how do you cut short to the important point?

It’s quite simple, give your audience enough information to pique their interest and then usher their focus on finding other resources for more information, try to mince as many words as possible if you are using PowerPoint, ideally one should put no more than 10 words on each slide.

Make The Presentation Relevant To The Goal

It’s very important to not disperse from the key objective in the middle of the presentation. Keep the flow intact and stay relevant to the main objective.

Create An Interactive And Appealing Outlook

A call to action or an inviting approach should always be taken with the outlook of the Presentation. Once you’re done with the content the next essential element is the visuals and the design elements of the presentation. It’s important because a simple data-oriented presentation often fails to gain the attention of the audiences.

By adding visuals and interesting cliparts or infographics, you can ensure the audience stays engaged and retains as much information as possible.

Another important aspect to engage the audiences is through interactions, asking the important questions will help spark a debate and encourage an open forum ultimately getting the bigger picture.

Follow Up and Stand Out

Once the presentation has ended, don’t let your communication skills fall flat. Be sure to follow up with any individuals you have met before or after the presentation, and make sure the gist of your presentation is as effective as your in-person communication.

Lastly, a good presentation is not just about etiquettes or the big data. It’s the minutest details that sometimes fall flat and the presentation loses the appeal, so don’t hassle the process. Get the help of an expert designer and create the ultimate killer presentation to win at your workplace. 

We at Pitchworx help people in implementing these great strategies by creating striking videos and presentation, our excellent team of graphics experts can help bring to life your ideas and mind space.