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Live Action: The Future Of Corporate Videos

When it comes to picking the best tool for your corporate marketing and branding, the obvious option to pick from is Online Videos.           

Well, not only it is the best marketing tool but it also offers a wide array of formats to suit every market requirements. Animations, Explainer Videos, Interactive Videos, and many such indulging elements are inclusive of online videos. The trends are ever evolving when it comes to technology, possibilities are endless and the choice for the best option is probably an eternal debate. But when we talk about the future of corporate videos, Live-Action videos always strike our minds.

So what are these Live-Action Videos that have been making the waves lately? It’s “in-the-moment” feel definitely generates a lot of buzz and gets the much-needed returns. And some of the existing video marketing campaigns have set a shining example of how rewarding these live videos can be. For example, Dunkin Donuts and Tastemade have always been ahead of the local trends. Their ingenious live-action shoots have brought them a global recognition and praises.

So, what is it about the live-action video that is making people go ‘gaga’? Let’s evaluate:

The Humanising and Personal Touch

We are all drawn to real and humanistic exchanges; a personal touch ensures the viewer’s trust in your brand and makes for a convincing bid. So, if you want to make your business appear more human, you can’t beat a live action video featuring real people. Not only can you create a live action video to promote a particular product or service, you can also use this kind of video format for testimonials and case studies. There are certain companies that can leverage the most out of this kind of videos; for example, a Beauty and Wellness Company or a product-oriented company will get a greater use of such videos, and help convey the message much better.

Demonstrative In Nature

Often a new product is launched and people don’t know how to use it or what hacks can they benefit from. In case of such tangible products, the live action video can help showcase the usability and workings of the products. The use and success of live action videos over animation are strictly dependent on the kind of product it is being made for, i.e. – the more tangible the product is the more likely it is to sell through live action.

Live action is invaluable when the brands need to show their audiences the real-world details and practical applications of their service offering.

The Difference Between Animation and Live Action

Many might conjure up both the video formats to have similar approach and response mechanism, but in all reality, it isn’t so. Both have different usage and motivations, there is a range of factors you should consider when deciding on what type of online video to make.

If you want to make a personal video, one that shows a more human and friendly side, in that case, you really can’t beat live action video. People are drawn to human faces and raw emotions, which is difficult to project through animated videos.

Or perhaps you want to make a more educational video, to explain a tricky idea or subject? We suggest you create an animated explainer video, as they can simplify the process in a faster and effective manner.

It is very important to know which is which in the online video marketing segment; all you need to do is decide the target audience, the key offering and a bold outline to how you want it to be marketed. You can leave the rest to us. Because we at Pitchworx provide you with ingenious creative solutions and help paint the canvas to tell you are incredible brand story.