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Redefine Your Brand With These Video Marketing Strategies

“Play, Pray, and Get Rewarded”

We have already talked about the growing use of videos in video marketing strategies and marketing campaigns going viral and much has been already said and done. By now people have been made very familiar with the ‘Whats’, this blog is going to explain the ‘Hows’.

Writing a perfectly scripted content that tells a story is quite perfect but it has off late become an old marketing cliche. As the disgraceful saying goes…“ facts tell, but stories sell”, and there is no better medium than videos to tell a good story. Videos are the perfect bet to grab the audiences’ attention, as they have gotten impatient and busy.

It enables a memorable impact on the viewers and makes the storytelling enjoyable, the reach and results are also measurable to put a new strategy into effect if one fails. Even in today’s time, most marketers have used video sparingly to boost their website, but only a countable of them have invested in it strategically to improve the results of video marketing and sales programs.

Read further to find out how the dynamics are changing…

Here are 3 things that should be inclusive of your video marketing strategy:
Publishing A Series Of Videos

We have seen marketers experiment and fail with their campaigns, wonder why they fail? It is mostly because they don’t leave a lasting impact, or they give up too soon. But most importantly, they go the conventional way of making a single video for a long-running brand campaign.

While it may sometimes be enough and the end result might also be satisfying, but with strategic implication and carefully placed bets, the series based videos leave a lasting impact and their reoccurring nature makes them quite unforgettable. This strategy not only brings about a revival of change but also creates a highly profitable campaign.

The best way to create an impactful video series is by first determining the content for the desired audience and secondly, by carefully breaking the videos out evenly and timing them leading up to a product launch or an event.

Tutorials And Explainer Videos

When your campaign is based on a product release or a new service offering, the best way to strategize around such scenario is to create an explainer video or a tutorial regarding the same. While it may seem like you’re giving away the essential element away before a launch, it isn’t always the case.

By coming out with these videos not only will you create an intrigue amongst the audiences to learn more about the product but also come up as the master of the respective art also reinstating the customer’s faith in the brand.

This element also creates an extension to our previous pointer, as tutorials also provide built-in series potential. Rarely will you post just one how-to video? If your tips are useful, you likely find customers coming back for more relevant videos in the series.

For example, a salon is coming up with a product launch and the integration of the same in a tutorial video could create a series of “styling tips” videos.

Adding Interactive Elements

By using interactive element, we are trying to bring a multi-dimensional use of the digital platform. A Call To Action or a Macro-managed Learning experience can enable the user to be invited to a certain platform to gain more in-depth knowledge of the video or to be redirected to a shopping gateway or a subscription page; these can be implied by adding interactive and clickable links within the video.

For example, the local customers frequenting your videos can find an attached offer of a discount who further mentions the video in your store. Just a few words at the end of your animation video could lead to a conversion that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. Engage them by creating a refreshing buying experience through the call to action element.

Video marketing is a great way for brands to stand out from the alternatively existing marketing efforts being launched each day. If executed properly, a video marketing campaign can help your brand reach new consumers and turn them into loyal customers.

We at Pitchworx help people in implementing these great strategies by creating striking videos and presentation, our excellent team of graphics experts can help bring to life your ideas and mind space.