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How To Make A Good Explainer Video

First off, what is an explainer video? Explainer videos are brief, about 2-3 minute, marketing videos, built to promote a company’s goods, services or solutions. They are a valuable marketing tool, especially for Startups, because it’s a faster way to reach the target audiences, at a low cost.

Explainer videos have multiple marketing utilities, they can easily engage clients and customers alike, they are cost-effective and a speedy way to reach out to maximum people.

There are 3 types of explainer videos:
Animated Explainer Videos –

This is the most widely used format of good explainer videos. This is also the preferred version when promoting technical products or complicated solutions that need explaining in a fun or simple way, for better ease of understanding, on the part of the customer.

Animated explainer videos are easier to edit and update, in case of subsequent alterations.


Whiteboard Explainer Videos –

While innovative software is used for animated videos, whiteboard explainer videos integrate hand-drawn animation and drawings, that can be made and erased on a whiteboard.

They are the most cost-effective format of explainer videos because there is no sophisticated or expensive software involved.


Kickstarter Explainer Videos –

Kickstarter explainer videos are similar to animated and whiteboard explainer videos. They might include one or both of those attributes.

Although they do tend to be longer than most explainer videos, they are incredibly beneficial for Kickstarter projects.


Now, let’s explore how to build a good explainer video:
  • First and foremost, the script for an explainer video is vital. It shouldn’t be lengthy or boring because people will instantly lose interest in a long script for voice-overs. It shouldn’t omit important information about the product but, at the same time, should recognize redundancies.
  • The second important aspect is the style of animation. Choose the type of explainer video first, that will best suit the client’s product or service, like, animated, whiteboard or Kickstarter. Then decide whether a motion graphic, stop motion, 2D or 3D animation will work best. The style is important because it sets the tone for whatever the client’s trying to promote.
  • The third step is to actually create the animations, which is a painstaking process. It takes time to generate compelling characters and their various nuances. The animation needs to be created in a way that it steals people’s attention, at the very first glance, while binding everything in a riveting story.
  • The fourth step involves recording the voice-over. This is where the script comes along. The voice artists, chosen to read the script, should be carefully scrutinized, keeping in mind their voice quality, depth, speech, accent, and diction, not to mention, the voice should be clear and audible enough to command attention.
  • The fifth step is to, finally, share the video, at the right platforms, so that it may fulfill its purpose of marketing, promotion, and placement, of your client’s goods and services, along with reaching out to the targeted segments of a large audience base.

Explainer videos are a summarised version of what brands, their products and services, are all about. They are an effective method to inform, engross and arouse interest in customers, that will, in turn, affect buying behavior.