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Background Score and Its Importance in Explainer Videos

Music is something we all love, appreciation for which is ingrained in us since the time we’re born till the time we die. Expression of thoughts is supported by music, so is a display of passion! Music has the power to move, motivate and steer people into action; to the extent that even advertisements feature the choicest selection of music to drive sales.

In today’s world, it is difficult to imagine advertisements without a background score to support it. Every ad you see on television harnesses the power of music to subconsciously “grab audience attention”. There have been instances of advertisements having gone on to become viral, solely because of their selection of narration backed by good background music.

Even your explainer video needs a good selection of background score, just to keep things ticking! This is why many companies that invest in explainer videos ensure that the music sets the mood for the narrative. When an explainer video is made, it follows a holistic approach paying equal attention to the script, characters,  voice-over narration and last but not the least “a good background piece of music” (to ensure that all the above fall in place).

Would you ever play a video game that is devoid of background music or sound effects? I presume not unless you’re one of those silent movie era buffs! Similarly, an explainer video that has a good instrumental piece to fill the void immediately gets more takers! Music is critical to enhancing the overall impact of your explainer videos and viewers need it so that they end up being informed and entertained at the same time.

While the prime focus of an explainer video is to succinctly explain your product/service/idea; it also aims at subtly adding an element of fun so that your video garners rave reviews from the masses. The sound is not added to take the focus away from the message; rather it succours in creating an overall impact in tune with the message you’re trying to relay to the audience members.

But how to choose the right background score for your explainer video?

In order to know that, it’s essential to scan your customers and their demographics. If you have to offer a product that would appeal only to the corporates, you’re more likely to choose a formal overtone for your video. On the other hand, if you’re targeting the youth, an upbeat theme is what is essential for you to deliver an impact with your animation video. Ensure that the music doesn’t take away the focus from the message. It should complement your visual story!