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5 Reasons Why eCommerce Product Videos Boost Sales

If say a year ago you got yourself an e-commerce website and did everything right from having a big number of product pages, regular blogs etc. Over time you might have seen a growth in your site sessions along with a growth in your social media following and maybe even a  steady growth in your social media following along with positive feedback at all times. However, still, you might have seen that your sales are still flat even though your customers are quite happy with their purchases. The best explainer companies will tell you why that is. In order to remain competitive and afloat, you need to see your sales growth over time. For that, you need to invest in a solid marketing initiative.

If you want a relatively inexpensive way to boost the performance of your e-commerce business then a live-action video shoot is the answer. Creating a brand video or a commercial was once a very expensive complicated task but now animated explainer video companies have made that task easier. Thanks to the popularity of video everywhere, it’s now easier than ever the film, script, strategize, film, edit and publish your video.

So why should you invest your hard-earned returns on a live action video shoot?

The statistics

62% of customers make sure they watch product review videos before they make their final purchase. 84% of consumers surveyed were convinced to purchase a product after watching the brand video. 97% of video marketers reported that video. 76% reported video helped them increase sales. Including a video on your landing page can give you more than 80% conversions. Not just that, 56% of consumers believe that a company should have video content on their website for easier tracking.

People love video content

It’s no surprise that people love spending time watching videos. As per a media agency, ⅓ of online activity is spent watching just videos. This shows an average of 32.3 videos per person consistently. Videos are enjoyable and easy to watch and consume. It’s been found that 1 in 4 consumers tend to lose interest in a company if no videos are featured on its website. To drive maximum engagement your videos, you need to be easy to understand, interesting and fun. This in turn can motivate people to watch an entire video which can then increase the chances of people getting influenced by it.

Live-action videos affect purchasing decision

If a product video is made correctly it will answer all the right questions- some that the user already had and some that he/she didn’t even think of. The questions and answers covered in a video can consciously or subconsciously keep them from converting. Everything, starting from product specifications, how it actually works, integrations etc can be easily addressed using video, easing user worry and anxiety about a product not meeting expectations. The best explainer video companies make sure that your product, its benefits and the best way to utilize them, shine through.

Marketers love video

Marketers find videos very effective because they can enable you to attract more traffic and get crazy engagement. 87% of online marketers always use video content to grow the business they are working for. According to a survey conducted, the catch is that today’s marketers believe that video is the most difficult form of content to create. This is where animated explainer video companies come in. They can create great-looking animated explainer videos that can even make bland content look good.

Marketers find video very effective

People love videos and it can enable you to attract more traffic and get more engagement. But what do marketers think about the video? Actually, there’s no surprise to see that 87% of online marketers use video content to grow their businesses. The only problem is, according to a survey carried out by Ascend2, half of today’s marketers believe video is the most difficult form of content they create, despite the fact it’s also their most effective. This is why animated explainer video companies are important to help you make such great videos. From Live-action video shoots to animated explainer video shoots, you can get anything done.

 Videos drive more organic traffic

Organic traffic is one of the biggest drivers of visitors to any e-commerce store. Companies spend countless hours and money trying to get associated with high-quality sites. Google can find out the quality of the website through the number of bounce rates it gets. When a site consistently drives visitors away as soon as they’ve arrived on a site, they immediately conclude that the site is low quality. Engaging your visitors with your store is actually the best way to reduce bounce rate. Video has always seen high levels of engagement. By utilizing video, you will automatically see more organic traffic.

Videos drive conversions

Since video has a large impact on the entire purchase decision process, it’s no surprise that it will boost your conversion rates as well. It has been discovered that more than 74% of the people who watched a video to find out more about a brand, ended up purchasing their products. There are more statistics to reaffirm this. Adobe found out that online customers who view demo videos are 1.8 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers. For all these reasons and more, 72% of businesses who use video feel that it has definitely improved their conversion rates and a large number believe that it has directly impacted an increase in sales.

To conclude

The best explainer video companies are known to create videos that help consumers learn more about your product and company. Get a live action video shoot done today and get your clients to convert more!