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Why We All Love Them and Their Benefits – Infographics!

One of the many solutions online entrepreneurs gets when they seek insights for a greater online impact is to design a more visual website that’s full of high quality pictures, themes, and images. In short, they are advised to integrate infographic to their online presence to attract more eyes.

The rule applies to whether you’re designing social media site or simply want to enhance brand awareness or are looking to reach a wider audience while conducting marketing campaigns, inforgraphics work everywhere! They’re powerful traffic generators and draw people who visit your site.

Infographic is…

As the name itself suggests, this is a technique used to produce visual information. When you’re uploading content online, it is best to paint it with colorful images and pictures as well as color variations in text. Unlike the old technique of putting everything in plain black, when we look at sites with bold titles consisting of different colors, sundry of images and a colorful theme, it is infographic at its best.

Human brain love infographics. Why?

Scientific research has proven that the human brain being in love with infographics is an obvious fact. Media and information that’s color rich is always loved by people as it provides ultimate contrast and makes viewing an easy job. Information has increased enormously over the past few years and this creates much noise and confusion in the brain. Reading simple boring words therefore takes much longer time than images. Whereas, infographics are easy to process and the brain takes very little time to process and information illustrated by images as compared to reading many lines of instructions. It takes tenth of a second to process infographics,to be precise. Since the human brain loves an easy way out, we ended up being addicted to infographics than plain text.

Advantages of Infographics

The benefits of Infographics are quite conspicuous and straightforward. It is the most effective way of getting out your word out to the audience for advertisers and marketers. Unlike lines of text that requires much focus and time to scrutinize, infographics make images quickly understood in a flash. Advertise on the body of your van or on a t-shirt, images are remembered for a longer time and a message is picked up instantly by the eyes. It the new “cool” in the market and will fetch you more traffic. It breaks the barrier of language and even those who don’t understand your language can still comprehend what the image expresses.

Well, if everyone loves them then we think it’s only right to use infographics and make things easier and fun for the audience.