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What impact does an animated explainer video have on your Google ranking

The value of attracting visitors to your website diminishes considerably if people don’t stay on it for more than a few seconds. So no matter how eye-pleasing your web display may be, if it doesn’t hold visitors then all goes for a toss.

Well, here’s the truth: a custom animated explainer video can help you demonstrate your business idea in an effective, informative, educational and engaging way. And the topic of the day: it can help you boost your online visibility and improve your position in Google’s rankings. Not a bad place to start right?

Time-on-page increased

Just by embedding a marketing video above the fold in your home page, or somewhere on the landing page, the average visit time gets increased by 1 minute! This is good news, as Google considers the time-on-page rate as one of the indicators to measure the relevance of your site. Not to mention, it can tell you a lot about user’s content engagement.

Keeps your visitors engaged

Animated explainer videos run high on engagement factor, especially if they’re customized for respective set of target audience: if you weave a catchy and persuasive story that makes them feel identified with, you’ll succeed at captivating their attention instantly. Also, if you incorporate the right Call to Actions, you can guide the visitors to keep on surfing the site, and this in complete support of your Google ranking position.

Boost in google and you tube’s position

A high quality video provides an audience with useful information and that is optimized for SEO, your efforts will also improve your ranking position in the two most dominant search engines on the web world: Google (what this article is dedicated to) and You tube. And this the best thing that can happen to your site as it will open whole new doors of reach and visibility expansions. By including the right Call-to-Action’s and links you can as you can easily drive traffic to your website with animated explainer videos.

Final thoughts

SEO and animated explainer videos go hand-in-hand in online marketing. The job of a killer animated video is not only to make your site/page more attractive, but also to engage your visitors, make them stay longer and lead them toward following the conversion funnel. Work out a full proof strategy for YouTube and Google SEO optimization. This will give your website the required visibility you need to leave a mark on the web. 

And lastly, always keep in mind that your SEO efforts is the main ingredient for an all-time high marketing campaign that leads to the actual goal – Sales! And, that’s why animated explainer videos are the key catalysts to reach there.