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5 Essential Types of Videos for a Smooth Onboarding Process

For any company, the onboarding process is a crucial element. According to analysts, a company that follows a proper onboarding process creates an average employee retention rate of 86%. The reason behind this success is that it allows the new employees to learn about the company, its policies, its work culture and also gives them a head start on their role in the company. Knowing this information makes the employees feel more comfortable and prevents them from struggling during the first few weeks. This is also true for new customers. Onboarding helps customers acquaint themselves better with the company and its culture.

But how do you create an efficient onboarding process that does not eat away at everyone’s time? Here’s when onboarding videos come into play. They are a great tool that saves time and also gives the employees the opportunity to learn and become comfortable with the company’s culture. Most onboarding processes are done with the help of the best animated explainer video. Let’s look a little more in detail about how onboarding videos can make the entire process smoother for both the employees and the company.

What is an onboarding video? | Best animated explainer video

Onboarding videos, be it for employees or customers, show the functioning and the value propositions of the product and the company. It is useful to introduce your product to your prospects, or to get your new employee acquainted with the company’s culture. It can train the employees and also give them a personalised welcoming message. There are many other benefits of an onboarding video and we have discussed them below. 

Why is an onboarding video required?

While the onboarding process can be done in different ways, it’s proven that videos are much more effective in creating a smoother experience. Studies have also shown that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than textual content. So using an onboarding video will help you convey information quickly and effectively. Get the best explainer videos to enhance this experience.

The benefits of an onboarding video are:

  1. Videos have higher engagement and help the employees to process information faster than any written documents. This will save time and help the employee be up to speed with how the organisation works.
  2. Onboarding videos provide an easy and consistent onboarding experience for the employees. This is particularly useful when there are multiple office locations or when employees onboard remotely. It ensures that they receive consistent information. 
  3. A good onboarding video created by some of the top explainer video companies can help create an emotional bonding towards the company.
  4. Onboarding videos that include training material can help employees learn independently and at their own pace. 
  5. With customer onboarding, it’s proven that users have a better understanding of a product when they watch a video of it. This reduces workload on customer support. 

The 5 essential types of onboarding videos

“Welcome to the team” onboarding video

Nothing feels more welcoming and engaging than a welcome video that makes the new employees feel part of the team. The welcome video message can be from the company’s CEO, from the project manager, or from the people with whom the new employee will work with. Regardless of the person delivering the message, the video will help alleviate the nerves and uneasiness of the first day and will also demonstrate the company’s culture. You can hire the best explainer video production companies to create a cool “welcome to the team” onboarding video.

“Pass on the knowledge” onboarding video

Usually new employees don’t get a direct handover from the previous person who worked on the job. This leads them to spend an unnecessary amount of time figuring out the key skills required and all the intricate processes involved in the job. One way to bridge this gap is through videos. Videos will capture all the necessary information from the leaving member and act as a reference for the new employee. Animation is a great tool for this and it can be made by hiring the best explainer video companies.

“Company policies” onboarding video

A key element of the onboarding process is to make the new hire aware of the company policies. This is typically done face-to-face or through an enormous amount of documentation. But both these methods are not ideal for the present day. Instead, a video which encompasses the company policies in layperson terms can be more engaging and will give the employee a better understanding. 

“Job training” onboarding video

Another major part of the onboarding process is training the employee to perform his day-to-day activities. A great way to give this training is through videos. Training videos help the employee process a large amount of information in a short period of time. This helps the employee learn better. Besides, they will also have access to the video for future reference. Best whiteboard explainer videos are a good tool for educating the new employees. 

“Miscellaneous things” onboarding video

This type of video can address the little quirks of the company. It can be a video that helps the employee navigate the office better, know where important documents are kept, or show how to operate the photocopying machine. All these basic elements can be addressed in a video to save everyone’s time. This also gives the employee a fun interactive experience.

Make onboarding a smoother experience

Videos can make all the difference when it comes to employee onboarding. If these videos can train new employees, especially for remote teams where they can’t always interact with one-another, then it takes out the initial friction of settling in and becoming comfortable. And if these new hires feel empowered to take up a task right away, then that’s a successful onboarding right there. Therefore, onboarding videos are a must. And the way to go about creating it is to hire an animation agency like PitchWorx that provides the best animated explainer video to make your onboarding process smoother.