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What do you opt for? Explainer Videos or Tv Commercials?

Every time you go to an animation and designing company to attain enhanced marketing of your brand and product/service, there is always a question that arises in your mind. Video marketing offers a great deal of potential. But, on what basis is it determined that which mode of video marketing is more suitable in accordance to the brand and the product/service; Tv commercials or Explainer Videos?

Everyone watches television at least once in a day, this is a fact you can’t deny. Now, what do you do when whatsoever channel you’re watching, starts a commercial break? Do you watch the commercials? Do you switch between channels or just put the television at mute? Or do you go grab yourself some snacks from the kitchen in that duration? I’m pretty sure it’s the option with the snacks or switching the channel that will lure you in.

You understand? Most of the commercials are not even watched by the element of ‘choice. Television commercials are forced upon, unwanted advertisements. There is no area of surety confirming whether the target audience is watching the commercial or not. It always remains a mystery unless efficient feedback tactics are implied. Though, loopholes occur very often in analyzing the feedback data due to incomplete or inaccurate information. The duration of these television commercials is less in comparison to the explainer videos which ranges from 4-5 minutes and always has been an expensive area in video marketing.

On the other hand, explainer videos offer the audience the ‘option to choose’. Explainer videos are meant for explaining concepts, product benefits, services offered, product usage etc. Explainer videos aren’t forced upon the target audience to watch. They are uploaded on video-share friendly websites, other social networking websites, on their own websites, pretty much everywhere on the internet; which makes these explainer videos easily accessible to the audience and ultimately, lead generation starts to take place. People can watch the explainer video whenever they want, unlike television, sitting in front of the idiot box, watching things we don’t even like.

If you continue to be confused amongst which option to go for, there are several questions that we’ve prepared for you to help you clear your mind. The parameters to choose from are –

What kind of people do you want to target in relation to your brand/product/service?

What kind of message will you send out that you’re willing to convey?

How many resources are you willing to incorporate in your budget for video marketing?

Whether you want your target audience to watch the video repeatedly by choice or forcefully?

Depending upon the requirements, various businesses make explainers or TV Commercials are an integral part of their marketing strategy. Certain companies use both the styles of video marketing because they need to achieve marketing goals from both kinds.

You can visit pitchworx call us or reach us by e-mail to know more about animation, create impactful videos and its growing perks in digital marketing, especially video marketing.