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Top 5 Photoshop Tools in the market today!

It’s not a bad trait to scrounge for freebies, as we all are guilty of having done that in some form or the other. However, they are times when you need to add a great deal of professional realism to your designs. For the same, there is a plethora of extremely high-end photoshop tools to help you recreate what you’ve always wanted out of your design. The tools dramatically enhance workflow and are worthy of every penny spent on procuring them.

Top 5 tools available in the market

3D Invigorator

3D Invigorator for Photoshop empowers you with the ability to create complex logos, 3D objects and text with relative ease. Using this tool, you can simply import a vector object or create a simple object within the Photoshop plugin. The drag-and-drop facility can be used to convey a more definition to your design in the form of transparency and degree of reflection etc!


This high performance tool is crafted for varying the degrees of noise from digital photographs or scanned images. Overriding techniques like median filters with more sophisticated noise filtering algorithms, Noiseware is one of the ‘must have’ tools for any graphic design aficionado.


Photoshop and webpage creation often works synergically, with the knowledge of either vitally important for the other one. For the same purpose, SiteGrinder is a beneficial tool that allows you to slice up your web design format and send it to a developer who would carve the final output into the HTML format. SiteGrinder ensures responsibility for all the arduous work involved in the conversion process.


This tool is available as a freebie and entails easy steps that help you convert Photoshop to WordPress. This tool saves you the hassle of learning special coding skills as only a basic knowledge is enough to convert your PSD files to WordPress.

Bokeh 2

Equipped with a wide spectrum of creative focus effects and accurate lens simulation backed by a simple interface. This tool allows creative designers to draw attention to the subject in view by manipulating the depth of field and the focus. Bokeh provides the visual language of specialized lenses and other paraphernalia without the hassle or the expense involved.