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The importance of graphics and other visual treats!

Toiling with blog posts and content yet still unable to garner traffic to your website? 9 times out of 10, it may be because of the lack of attractive graphics. In today’s world, people are often bombarded with information they either don’t need, or they can’t decipher! The need of the hour is to add visual content that can entice people, making complex information and draw a barrage of visitors to your online space. Getting more people to read and share your content is the mantra that has to be diligently followed, if you are to spread your wings akin to a falcon in this super-competitive world.

Design, if done properly can render the job ‘half done’! Just by cleverly slipping in one of your best design exhibits, you can hope to enhance the viewability quotient! It is a well-established fact that visuals get shared to a far-greater extent!

Here are some reasons why you should go all-guns-blazing with graphics whether it is for a website, a blog or an advertisement piece:

1. More recall value

A visual strategy entails more recall value. This can be evidenced by the fact that an interesting piece of graphic design can effectively etch itself in the memory of people who have been exposed to it. It also adds value to the information that you’re trying to relay to the audience.

2. Attractiveness!

Ever bought a magazine just by being bowled over by the cover’s design? Well, that is the consecratory power that a great design holds. What grabs your attention is a great visual. That is where the use of graphics is justified!

3. Easy to grasp

Graphics make information easy to understand and infer from. Visuals simplify complex bits of information, providing an easier format for people to grasp information. They also enhance readability, improving a reader’s experience.

4. Arousing

Our brains feed on visual content and a good layout of graphics triggers the same pleasure that sex elicits! Do you even need another reason to not employ graphics in your data? The brain processes images about 60,000 times faster than it processes textual information.