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5 More Reasons That Prove Design is Good for Business (Part 2)

Successful business owners know that good design is good business. But for those who are still skeptical about the impact of good design and the investment involved, then this article is for you. Here, we list out the benefits of having good design and how it can transform your business. Read on to learn more.

1. Design makes you stand out 

Remember the last time you went shopping? Now try to recollect how much of your purchase decisions were influenced by the beauty of the product. Did you automatically gravitate towards the products that were more aesthetically pleasing or the ones that looked bad? 

Us humans are influenced by beauty. This not only holds true for products but also for people, fashion, websites, product packaging, branding, etc. When we see a product that’s well designed, we immediately gravitate towards it because we believe that it’s made of a higher quality, irrespective of whether it really is.

As a business, there are chances that you have competitors who provide similar services within the same price range and with similar benefits. But how do you make your business stand apart from the rest, so the customers opt for your products? It’s design. A good design is what will set you apart from your competition.

2. Design clearly communicates brand values

Every brand has its own set of goals, values, and ideas. It’s important to communicate these values clearly, and the only way to do this is through design. Design can act as a universal language that can translate a brand’s values at an instant to the customers. Using images, icons, colour, etc, you can visually depict your brand values to your customers.

Why is this important? Take Nike as an example. Nike has made itself a brand that motivates and enhances everyone’s speed and agility. Now, how do they showcase these values to their customers? By choosing to provide ergonomic product designs and a go-get-it attitude. All their designs have an encouraging and an authoritative tone to them which encapsulates their brand values visually at an instant. So no matter what industry you belong to, it’s still important to communicate what your business believes in to the consumers. And the only way to go about it is through design.

3. Design helps develop a relationship with the customers

Good design can help create emotional connections with people. Elements like colours, fonts, and layout, together influence the emotions of the consumer. So incorporating the right elements to showcase people your views and what you stand for is essential. Your design should be built on your principles and with an aim to develop a healthy relationship with the customers. Building a design that illustrates your strong values can be a great way to develop a solid connection with your customers. Besides, a good design will not only help you get customers, but it will also induce customer loyalty.

4. Design motivates people to take action

Any advertisement you see always has a call to action or a CTA. What these CTAs do is convince you to take action once you see their ad. It could be anything from “Download now”, “Read more”, “Contact us”, “Try it for free”, etc. 

A call to action is a powerful tool that makes your viewer become a customer. And the only way to entice your viewers to click that button is to use good design and a good copy. So investing in creating good design is always more beneficial than having a poor design that does not excite the viewers. Hire a good creative design agency to create a design that tempts your audience to take the next step. 

5. Design helps you become a timeless brand

It is every business owner’s dream to have their brand be timeless. Everyone wants to be relevant years down the line. But that doesn’t mean that your branding doesn’t require any changes over the years. With the constant change in trends and technology, it’s important to adapt to the changes to remain relevant. So being timeless doesn’t mean not changing your brand designs, but about how you adapt with developing technology and trends to still appeal to the masses. 

Take, for example, Google. Google’s search page has always had a similar look. But over the years, tiny changes have been made to both Google’s logo and the page layout. The changes are such that they adopt new trends while also staying true to their brand identity. This makes Google relevant to this day, even after 23 years.

In conclusion, investing in good design for your business shows that you value your brand image and the quality of products you sell. This ultimately builds trust with your customers. So overall, good design is good business. It gives your business an edge, powers good marketing results, and gives your brand a unique identity. What more could you ask for? If you’re still second-guessing the importance of design in your business, then read part 1 of this blog article to learn more about how design can enhance your business.