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The secret sauce for the perfect blend of colors in animated explainer videos

Animation is one such influential device that lets you turn difficult ideas or vague matters into a comprehensive and clear story. And in making animated explainer videos, a well-written content is not the only area you require to pay attention to. One feature for the perfect design of your video is the color palette you intend to use.

The best start to create an amazing animated explainer video to achieve visual harmony is to go for color tones that are in unison. Obviously, you don’t want to puzzle your viewers and scare them them away with too complicated visuals so, it’s recommended not to use too many shades of colors.

Try to keep it to 3 to 4 colors for background base, foreground tones or accent colors for best results in animated explainer video creation. Ensure that the colors you choose suit your object, your approach and your brand. For continuity it’s better to use the same color pallete throughout the explainer video.

We bring a few color blends you can choose in your videos.

Pastel colors

If your video has a subtle theme then soothing pastel colors will suit your purpose best. These colors work best when using bigger color blocks which turn out to be great for infographic style videos: usually animated videos have an easy free flowing style and by using pastels the end outcome will be pleasing to the eye as the colors won’t overwhelm each other. Pastel colors also add a retro touch to the videos.

Monochromatic colors

A monochromatic color scheme comprises of all tint and shades of a single hue. Numerous shades of one color used in the right way create a feeling of harmony and equilibrium in the video.

You can add more contrast to your contest, you may try a similar color scheme in your animated explainer video. The shades in this scheme remain close to each other therefore defining and adding more prosperity to the video than monochromatic color scheme. A very worthy tool to find analogous and monochromatic colors is the Adobe Color CC color wheel.

Bright Vibrant colors

For showcasing the power of colors you can use dazzling shades with black, white or a dark gray with neon colors to make a contrast This will spice up the energy and vibrant feel of the explainer video. But you have to be careful while using these intense shades as they can be overpowering when overused. If you decide to select bright colors, make sure to stick to bright colors as much as possible so that the message comes still comes across by limiting the number of images and text in your video. The tip or trick as you can call it to keep it simple.

More useful tips
  1. Make sure the image is striking that you want to use as a background in your animated explainer video. You can easily search for a matching color palette with the help of professional companies. Simply paste the image URL or upload the image and the tool instantly proposes a color palette that entirely matches your image.
  2. Apply a filter to your picture by placing a see-through object over it and adjusting it’s
    opacity and color.
  3. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Pinterest board for visually appealing color palettes you
    can use in your next animated explainer video!