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What your Business Needs to Know About Explainer Videos

Based in Delhi NCR, India, the creative design agency PitchWorx specializes in taking abstract concepts and strategic intent of clients and turning these into visually engaging business stories. As an explainer video company, PitchWorx shares some important things every business should know about this special tool.

Improve Conversion Rates

Studies revealed that 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase products accompanied by an explainer video. An explainer video can help new business owners keep tabs of the number of site visitors that can become actual customers.

While many businesses manually count their sales to determine the most popular products, an explainer video can keep track of the service or product that caught the interest of potential customers through showing the number of views on every video.

Create Increased Interest

Businesses today use social
signals for spreading word about their offers. This is done through the use of
media like videos and images to generate audience interest in their products.
More than 70% of online users watch videos over the internet, a trend you can
take advantage of.

Clarify Your Product’s Objective

It is often tricky to use text because people tend to interpret the things they read in different ways. An animated explainer video, for instance, can take out the guesswork in trying to explain the basic function and uses of a service or a product.

People can understand offers better the moment they hear and see someone explaining it. Explainer videos can help you establish a better connection with your prospect customers through explaining what they can expect from your business and why they should work with you over your competition.

Get Better Google Search Ranking

Stale sites don’t really do well these days. Websites filled with long blocks of text and images have low Google search rank that means less exposure. It scares customers away who wish to understand a product or service quickly and buy it right away.

An average person often takes less than one minute to reach a purchasing decision. You can get their attention right there and then with an explainer video.

Boost Web Traffic

Viral is the term that has been
used ever since the birth of YouTube. Viral videos are those that seem to pop
out of nowhere and earn large numbers of view in a short period of time. Sadly,
going viral doesn’t have a set formula. But, there are some products that
gained popularity with the help of viral videos that include some of the big
brand names loved and well-known today.

PitchWorx is a reliable explainer video company that specializes in corporate presentation design, animated video and explainer video creation, interactive website design, mobile and web-based app development, and branding. If you need an animated explainer video or you are looking for some help with your presentation, you can count on PitchWorx to help you out. Contact PitchWorx today to know more about explainer videos that will suit you and your business needs!