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3 Predictions of presentations design will look like in 2019

A few days ago, we realized the trends of design and visual creativity that are expected for 2019 and we took on the task of looking for examples of them in an object that these days tend to be renewed very often: the presentation design

Used as a fundamental element of the image of a company or an image of a person, the presentations allow propping up the professional activities of the people, but their scope must go beyond.

The following creative examples show how current trends are integrated into this fundamental product of personal branding and elemental design object.


Flying and Floating Elements: Being sincere, at this point of the 2000s the flying cars have not yet arrived, but the era of the flying elements in the presentation design did. Flying and floating graphics elements are among our design trends for 2019.

The idea of designs that move and behave as if they were in an environment without gravity conveys the overall feeling of freedom. Designed with an open composition in mind, these elements drive the main concept of a window to a new world, as they appear floating in and out of the screen. Besides that, they are an attractive element in the presentation designs.

Gradients Complexes and Duotones:

Gradients are one of the favorite things to include in any presentation design project and give it some more depth. In addition, as some of the other trends of the design of growing presentation, look amazing on mobile devices.

Last year it had been predicted that the degraded would begin to take over the world. Especially after seeing large companies receive them, such as Microsoft PowerPoint in their presentation designs.

However, I think that this is the year in which the gradients will grow and be used in more ways than just a simple background. As with any new trend, as time goes by, people will find unique ways to use them.

Living Colors:

A Journey to Wonderland: The vivid color combinations, as well as the transitions and gradients in dreamy colors, will continue to be modern in 2019, but even more vivid.

As they bring a futuristic feel to the overall design, these color combinations will make you feel as if you are in an alternate universe. The use of futuristic colors to create fascinating designs out of this world really takes advantage of the imagination of the designer and provides a lot of space for improvisation.

Many corporate presentation designers combine visual 3D technique with modern transitions of bright colors to mark the 2019 graphic design trends with an even more powerful look

Just to summarize everything we have covered here, in 2019 we will see many open-ended designs that connect with the imagination of the viewer. The 3D designs will be quite massive, but certainly not boring: their realism will almost make the viewer submerge in the composition.

Many bright colors, as well as metallic elements, will make the designs look beautiful and dreamy. The typography will be minimalist! All this will be in the presentation design