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Into the World of Animation, Graphics and VFX

Every time you watch an animated GIF or an animated character on television, making a fool of himself or others, doesn’t that lighten up your mood? I’ll take that as a yes! Since several years the animation companies in India has been reaching skies. An animation is a fast-developing sector that shows and holds potential for higher growth and a major role in the economy of M&E sector. As a matter of fact, according to the FICCI – KPMG report of 2015, Indian animation industry had generated revenues up to Rs.51.1 billion with the growth rate reaching 13.8%. The Indian Animation and VFX market keeps becoming bigger and better. In fact, in 2014, out of 10 movies that were nominated for the Oscar Awards, six of them had their VFX done in India.

Now that it is hard to overlook the success of animation in India, leading production houses like Reliance, are investing in the animation world, collaborating with the Indian filmmakers to create an animation that holds major mass appeal and serves entertainment to the local masses. In a report published by the Indian Express, it is mentioned that India is home to 300 animation studios, 40 visual effects, and 85 game development studios with over 15000 professionals employed. Animation content in the television sector crosses approximately 350 shows which signify the growth and consumption of the domestic market. The major portion of demand that arises for animation comes from feature film producers, game software producers, and advertising film producers.

The basic aim of an animation company is to lead the production industry of the corporate videos, animated explainer videos, television commercials, and motion graphics. There are several animation studios that are running on a larger scale, functioning with a larger number of professionals while others handle projects on a smaller scale. There are more than 300 animation studios with individuals working as professional animators. A business constantly wants to reinvent its approach to reach its potential clients. The main motive of a business is to explore its own unknown and unseen potential which could make it a success almost overnight.

These animated explainer videos tell us a story in the most colorful ways by retaining the sensitivity of the subject, also adding freshness to the viewer’s perception. A pleasing video with attractive color combinations having interesting characters who introduce situations to us in the most effective and entertaining manner by making us familiar with the benefits of the subject is what an animated explainer video is made up of. These types of videos are in demand as the upcoming years purely belong to the world of animation and graphics, which can multiply the revenue of a business in no time.

Slide by slide presentations has become so dull nowadays that half the people start swinging in their chairs while watching that dull presentation which lacks animation and visual attraction, just some text floating around. So, how do we save these poor fellows from the boredom of these slide by slide presentations? By the addition of animations in your business presentations. Yes, that’s right. You can enhance your business presentation game to whole new another level with the visual appeal and the sense of liveliness that animation and graphics hold. Animated presentations have an effective style of storytelling which holds onto the attention of the target audience, leaving a long-lasting impression. Videos increase the audience’s understanding of your product or service by 74%. Now, imagine the impact of an animated explainer video on your audience! Animation presentation has playful quality in them which keeps your target audience relaxed, focused and involved in the presentation. Uploading these animated presentations and animated explainer videos on Social Media will help you in brand building as well as marketing your product/service amongst your target audience.

Whenever we hear the words ‘animation’ or ‘animated’, we feel lively. An animation is the magic potion to the eyes which are bored by the usual ways in which a business promotes its product or services.