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Fly home a PowerPoint

Fly home a point – a PowerPoint

Do you find creating a presentation a difficult task or just too boring? Are you concerned about the look of your presentation that you’ve made and really want to improve it? Do you want to express your ideas and communicate to your audience though it in a perfect way? If yes, then read ahead!

A striking presentation would provide a panoramic view of the topic which catches the eye when one just gleans through it. However, the difficult part is to create such a perfect tool that instantly emphasizes the key point on the topic – well-delineated, superbly elucidated, and appealing as well. Here are some basic truths and expectations.

Address the audience: It should address the audience keeping in mind their previous knowledge on the subject, age, and interests

Captivating but not laborious: It should captivate the audience from start to finish. A laborious presentation – both in the slides as well as in the speaker’s oration – can take toll on the basic objective of the presentation

Graphically Illustrative: It should have unique ways of presentation, such as illustrations, graphs, diagrams, and so on. It should look attractive, lucid to read, pleasing to the eye – in other words, an ideal look-n-feel visual object with minimal text.

White Spaces: White Spaces a must to ensure that the readers don’t feel too much pressurized in reading the slide

Messaging: A presentation should have not more than three essential messages to give to the audience Substantiate your point.

One idea per slide: Conveying multiple thoughts and ideas in a single slide often confuses the audience

Use Examples: Your presentation should have slides based on the sub-topics, messages you want to convey, technical ideas or jargons you want to specify, or examples you want to provide to substantiate your thought

Consistency: Consistency is the key! Keep color, font, size, format, and presentation style similar and consistent, lest it should distract the audience to design of the slides rather than the content

KISS: Remember, “Keep it Short and Simple” (KISS) based on time allotted or available. It should not look like a storehouse of information so that it goes beyond the cognitive power of the viewer.

BugFree: Don’t forget to look for bugs, not working animations or links, typos, and last minute glitches. Ensure that the presentation is printable in black-n-white/ monochrome.

After the first cut, take a break. Review your presentation in fresh mind from the audience point of view. Don’t forget that the way you present the slides go a long way in making the presentation a hit. Remember not to leave leave the audience confused even more after the presentation or leave viewers at the same level where they were before the presentation started.

Get the answer: is the presentation suitable enough to keep audience enthralled throughout the oration? If yes, you’ve followed the right technique to etch out a successful presentation. Happy presenting!