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Good Design Drives Good Business: The Case for Outsourced Design Teams

In an increasingly interconnected world, savvy companies realize they don’t need to build internal design teams from the ground up when qualified, creative talent exists worldwide. Strategic partnerships with design firms can allow organizations to get the level of strategic design support they need, in a faster and more cost-effective manner.

Outsourced creative teams provide dedicated design expertise across an array of visual communication needs – from presentations to branding materials to website design and more. But beyond just production bandwidth, outsourced teams provide creative insight and vital strategic contributions that global companies require to thrive. 

What are the unique advantages of outsourcing a dedicated design team?

Highly skilled talent at lower cost

Partnering with an established India-based design firm like PitchWorx allows you access to an experienced creative team at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time designers in traditional geographies. You can maintain a network of thoroughly vetted and multi-skilled visual designers across an array of disciplines – UX/UI, graphic design, typography, animation and more. The talent bench has both breadth and depth.

Scalable bandwidth & backup support

Variable demand requires variable resources. Outsourced teams will provide you with the flexibility to scale production bandwidth up or down as your project timelines dictate. The team can also offer continuity of operations when unexpected needs arise – whether an internal team member leaves, urgent deadline pressure strikes, or additional skills become necessary. Having outsourced design support creates confidence and gives you a guarantee that tasks will get completed on time.

Latest tools & rich asset libraries

By hiring a design team from reputable agencies, you can be sure that the designers are equipped with best-in-class tools like Adobe Creative Suite so that workflow never slows while working with global counterparts. Rich libraries with millions of licensed images, animations, icons and fonts ensure designers have every asset necessary for quality results. This facilitates faster concept iterations and asset creation.

Agile engagement models

The design partners have flexible engagement structure that can be tailored to your needs. Short-term hourly contracts allow pay-per-production support for temporary initiatives. Extended team augmentation arrangements provide long-term access to talent. There is no one-size-fits all mandate on term length, minimum commitments or retention agreements. The focus stays on seamless collaboration.

Smooth operational integration

The goal for a design team on-demand is to make integration frictionless. The designers may supplement existing teams by mapping onshore time zones or mirroring core operating hours to enable real-time collaboration, feedback and work transfers. Furthermore, a dedicated manager will serve as a single point-of-contact to streamline communication and provide consistency.

Protected intellectual property

When working with an outsourced team, there are guaranteed protections that ensure security and confidentiality. Teams only access key data required for their role, with no unnecessary exposure to sensitive information. All resources sign ironclad non-disclosure agreements both as a company and individually. The resources assigned are core employees for engagements, not third-party freelancers. Additionally, hardened information security infrastructure safeguards systems and data.

Verified team credentials

There will be complete comprehensive background checks on all design team members covering criminal history, employment records and address verification. Companies can feel at ease that designers come from reputable firms with proven track records.

Ensure accessibility for all learners

With diverse and global workforces, accessibility is crucial for successful corporate training. You can aim for slides that are inclusive for all learners by considering the following:

Specialized domain expertise

Certain partners focus specifically on financial services, healthcare, technology and other niche verticals. Seek agencies with teams carrying niche design expertise in your specific industry. This specialized knowledge enables even better strategic alignment between design output and business objectives. Subject matter familiarity also facilitates better collaboration with internal project stakeholders.

In summary, global is the new local. Outsourcing dedicated design teams allows organizations to effectively tap into creative talent outside traditional geographies. The depth of skill, speed of output, cost savings and security protections make designers-on-demand an indispensable weapon in the modern business arsenal. Equipped with both production bandwidth and strategic vision, outsourced creative groups generate better design and better business. So, what are you waiting for? Hire your dedicated design team today to bring your vision to life.